Sunday, May 10, 2015

Once upon a time...

There was a chemistry graduate student who had this crazy dream of documenting life as she navigated life in southwest Ohio. She had dreams of writing about God and his glory, the ins and outs of grad school, the few times she wore something other than workout clothes to work, and anything else that happened to be on her heart. She had hopes of reaching at least one person who could relate to her. If you want to know how this story ends, keep coming back.

So the "she" in that story is me! Hi, my name is Ashley. I'm currently a graduate student at Miami University (in Ohio, not Florida) studying chemistry. This blog is hopefully going to be a way to keep me accountable in my walk with the Lord while also providing me a creative outlet that is the total opposite of what I do for a living.

If you just want the short version of who I am, head over to the About section! If you'd like the longer version, stick around.

So about me. Here's some of the most important parts of me:

- Again, my name is Ashley. I'm a 20-something that's navigating life as a grad student living in Oxford, Ohio. I'm a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a pet parent, and a born and raised Hoosier.

- My family is everything to me. We're kind of a melting pot of people. I have one brother, three step-brothers, and two half-sisters. I have more nieces and nephews than I have fingers because I'm the second youngest. 

- I grew up in the country where I loved to always be outside or in the woods exploring. I was involved in softball, choir, and musicals while in high school. I was never part of any one clique - instead of bounced around and knew pretty much everyone I graduated with (not all that hard in a small town). 
(That's me in the middle as Mrs. Potts in my senior year musical. Brittany (the dancing spoon) and Meghan (Babette) were my two best friends in high school. We frequently were referred to as BAM.)

- I attended Ball State University (chirp chirp!) for my undergrad where I majored in chemistry and minored in Spanish. I was super involved in Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru) as a Bible study leader and discipler. This is where the Lord really pushed me, and I grew quicker than the weeds in my mom's flower gardens.
(Two of my roommates senior year, Katie and Elizabeth. Science majors unite!)

- I currently live in southwest Ohio where I'm finishing my second year at Miami University pursuing a graduate degree in analytical chemistry. I attend Oxford Bible Fellowship and hang out with people whenever I'm not at school.
(This is Hughes, the building where I spend my days researching, teaching, and learning how to fail and succeed.)

If you made it this far, thanks! I appreciate your endurance to keep reading. I tend to ramble, so if you just barely made it to the end, keep up with me. My rambling will help build your reading endurance!


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