Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Reflection (by Christina Aguilera)

(Just in case the title of the post had you reminiscing)

It's finals week at Miami. I turned in my only final of the semester yesterday so other than proctoring two exams, I'm done. Done with my second year of grad school. Crazy! I've learned so much the last two years - here's just a short summary:

1. I need a Christian community. Even though I spent my entire undergrad surrounded by Christians does not mean that I'm now able to spend my entire grad school career surrounded by non-Christians. God created us for community and fellowship - things I lacked my first year. But thanks to the graciousness of the Lord, I have a wonderful community now.
2. School does not define me. Being judged based on my performance on exams that are either pass or fail (no in between - you either pass or you fail) has caused me to believe that I'm not good enough for grad school. Thankfully, I have family, friends, and even a boss who encourages me and remind me that results of exams do not define me.
3. I really love wine. Not in like a "maybe I should get help" kind of way. But I never really liked a variety of wines until I came to grad school. I'm partial to chardonnay and red blends, but really I drink almost any kind.

We need community. Regardless of how strong your community once was, you cannot thrive without it.
Exams, grades, school, performance does not define you. You are always enough for God. Always. Nothing you do can make Him love you more. Nothing you do can make Him love you less.
If you're having a bad day, have a glass of wine. If you're having a good day, have a glass of wine.

If you feel like you aren't enough or you aren't loved, give this a read. And remember: you are enough and you are loved.

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