Monday, May 11, 2015

There's plenty of fish in the sea

Top: Old Navy (sold out but here's a similar one) // Shorts: Old Navy // Shoes: Converse // Earrings: Wal-Mart (they aren't online, but they're $5 in the store)

Jacket: JCPenney (similar - and on sale!)

Here's more of a close up of the earrings. Wal-Mart had them in almost every color imaginable. And they were only 5 bucks!! 

Uhb-sessing over these fish shorts. They're so fun!

I love bargains. If I can find something at Walmart or Target that looks similar to something from Nordstrom, you can bet that I'll buy it at Walmart or Target.

 I'm very fortunate that I'm being paid to go to school on top of having my tuition mostly paid. On my student stipend, I'm able to pay all my bills. The only things I don't pay for are my health and car insurance - my parents are gracious enough to cover those for me. So I'm kind of an adult right now!

But after paying all my bills, I'm not left with a whole lot each month to spend on expensive things (like this Kate Spade bag that every fashion blogger seems to have that I secretly covet). That's why I love Walmart, Target, and Old Navy. Working in a chemistry lab (with chemicals of course) I don't want to wear an $80 top only to leave with acid holes in it. So, I buy my shirts for $6, maybe a little more. That way, when I do get holes in them from something leftover on the benchtop (because it will always happens), I don't feel as bad about it. Also, I still look fabulous while rocking my safety glasses and gloves!

So rock those shorts from Target! Own that top from Wal-Mart! Wherever you get your clothes shouldn't define you. Buying clothes for less money does not make you less stylish or less cool. If it's comfy, it works for you, and you like it, then don't let anyone make you feel less for buying your clothes from Wal-Mart!

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