Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Instagram Round-Up

I feel like I've been swamped lately but at the same time I've had tons of free time. Obviously it can't be both. I'd say I've just been feeling swamped because of everything I want to get done in the next month. Between cleaning out my apartment to move, to deciding how to redecorate, to actually getting good research done, I'm feeling overwhelmed. Which is why I haven't been posting much lately - my bad. I've posted 4 outfits recently on Instagram but not on here. So I thought I'd put them all in one post! It's a 4-for-1!

 I tried my best to find everything online, but a lot of stuff either isn't sold online (looking at you Walmart) or I bought a few seasons ago and just isn't being sold. I linked similar items if that's the case though!


My cat cracks me!
J.Crew top - here's one similar one and another one // American Eagle jeans // Target flats - here's two similar pairs here and here // Premier Designs necklace (this one is from the 2014-2015 Collection - if you need a jeweler let me know and I'll hook you up with one!) // Walmart bracelet - not sold online but here's a similar one from Charming Charlie

LC Lauren Conrad top - they don't have the arrows pattern online but here's a link to the rest of patterns (I'm obsessed with this top) // Old Navy shorts // Walmart sandals - they're not online and mine are kind of old, but here's a cute pair for $9! // Old Navy necklace - I bought it in the store because their selection online is pitiful but here's a similar one from Charming Charlie // Walmart bracelet - here's a similar one // Francesca's bracelet - here's a similar one

Probably my most comfortable outfit!
Old Navy chambray top - not quite the same but super similar // Old Navy t-shirt // Old Navy pants // Old Navy necklace - similar from Charming Charlie // Walmart bracelet - similar from Charming Charlie // Francesca's bracelet - here's a similar one // Target sandals

Kohl's t-shirt // Walmart pants - these are super old but here's a pair from Old Navy // Zulilly scarf - once the sale is over, the product is gone, but here's a cute one from Charming Charlie // JC Penney jacket - it's long gone, but here's a similar one from New York & Co // Charming Charlie watch and bracelet - here's a similar one // Target sandals

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