Sunday, June 28, 2015

Movie Date

Last night I went to see Inside Out with my friends Dan and Greg. First, I LOVED the movie!! I laughed so hard and then started crying. I highly recommend going to see it! It'd be so great to take little kids to go see, but it's still such a wonderful movie for 24 year olds as well (pretty sure there were people my grandma's age there without children too)!

Also, can we talk about the weather yesterday? If you're not in southwest Ohio, let me just tell you about it: The high was 67. That's right - 67 degrees!! It's been consistently in the mid 80s for so long. I'm not sure if it's from all the rain or what, but I loved it. I'm all for summer weather - shorts, tank tops, flip flops, swim suits - but I love cool weather. I thrive in it really. So naturally I used this random cool day to wear a new scarf I recently bought. I also used this three person date as an excuse to wear pink (not that I think you ever need an excuse)!

Charming Charlie scarf - here's a similar one // Revlon lipstick // Wal-Mart earrings - here's a similar pair

Goody's top - here's a similar one // American Eagle jeggings (my rinse is currently on sale!) // Similar scarf // Charming Charlie watch // Tommy Hilfiger sandals (I got these from TJ Maxx) - here's a similar pair


Side note: I'm moving this week. Any and all prayers for a smooth move are greatly appreciated! Especially for poor little Bug who is freaking out at all the boxes piling up in her room. She's just not sure what to think of everything changing!


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