Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tropical Morning Smoothie

I came across this smoothie recipe over on Southern Curls and Pearls. All I needed to read was "smoothie" and I was all in. Her recipe makes enough for 2 smoothies, but since I live alone and really don't need to drink 2 whole smoothies in the morning, I cut the recipe more or less in half.

I'm usually one for using exact measurements, but for some reason making this smoothie I just kind of eyeball everything. You can check out the original recipe here. But for those of you who eyeball things like me, here's a breakdown of approximately how I make this delicious drink:

First thing's first: gather your ingredients.
Frozen pineapple
Frozen mango
Coconut yogurt
Orange juice
Protein powder

I use one scoop of protein powder in my smoothie. (Don't shy away from protein powder! I don't get much protein from food, so this is a great way of getting it.) I'm currently using Aria protein powder for women. Thoughts on this brand? Meh. It leaves everything pretty gritty. My absolute favorite brand is Pure Protein Whey Protein in Vanilla Cream Shake. It blends so well - you can't even taste it!

 Moving on! I cover the bottom of the blender in mango chunks, then cover those in pineapple chunks. Really precise, right? You can always tweak it to suit your taste - more of a mango person? Don't use as much pineapple.
After that, I add a whole thing of coconut greek yogurt. I happened to have Yoplait on hand right now, but I'm also a fan of Light & Fit.
Then I add orange juice. I usually fill the blender until the juice is to the 3 cup mark. If I want it thicker, I use less juice. If I want it thinner, I use more juice. It all depends on my mood!

Blend it all together, pour into a tumbler with a straw, and you're done!



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