Wednesday, July 22, 2015

30-Day Minimalism Challenge

I came across a 30-Day Minimalism Challenge a while ago on Pinterest. I don't know about you, but my life seems to be so cluttered with things, thoughts, and to-do lists. I had been meaning to actually start this challenge, but life got busy. Then this morning I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this post from Pocket Fuel. I was half-heartedly reading the devotional when I read this: "Chasing our tails. Lost in the noise. Carried through life by the chaos and the endless tugs of our "to-do's, to be's, and to not's." Umm, is she in my head?? I've been feeling so bogged down with those tugs of "do this, be here, don't feel that way." Reading this devo reminded me that I wanted to complete the Minimalism Challenge. What better time to declutter my life than when I'm feeling incredibly overwhelmed by life itself?

So here it is! The 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. The link has the challenge (pictured above) plus the rules for each day. You can do them in any order, but you should aim to do them all within 30 days. 

I'm starting today (hence the first picture!) with number 3: declutter your digital life. I've set up instruments to run all day so I'll just be sitting at my desk. What better way to spend this spare time (other than reading science articles)? I'm excited to declutter my life. Moving made me realize just how much stuff I have. It's not necessary!

I'd love to have some company with this challenge! I'll try and update where I'm at a couple times before I'm done. 

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