Friday, July 24, 2015

Craft Coveting

I love crafting. Unfortunately my research has been picking up a lot of steam recently so I haven't had a chance to craft as much as I want. Even so, I can pine after crafts I want to do. Here's a few I came across on Pinterest that I would love to tackle in the near future:

How adorable is this coffee table?? My current one is way to big for my cozy living room (cozy is a code word for small), so I need something to fit the space better. The pin didn't lead to an actual tutorial (such a bummer), but it looks like it's just two crates stuck together (wood glue? nail gun? both?). So simple right?

Speaking of my apartment, my bathroom floor is not pretty. Thank goodness someone had the idea to make peel and stick floor tiles though! I would love to cover my bathroom in grey tiles similar to this one. Here's a link to the tile I've mildly fallen in love with.

One can never have too many wreaths. I love how clean and fresh this one looks. Of course with fall coming up, I may add in some orange, red, and yellow. This pin was just a picture with no link. But, check out my For the Home and Crafts and DIY boards for more wreaths (and many other things!)


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