Friday, August 14, 2015

Fall Outfit Dreaming

Y'all. School is starting so soon! I personally love when school starts because that means I have a more structured schedule and routine to stick to (nerd alert). But what I love most is that it means fall is coming! My favorite season is fall. I love the colors, the smells, the weather, and the fashion.

This is always the time of year I start obsessing over fall outfits on Pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to fall/winter outfits you can check out here. Here's a few of my favorite that I can't wait to recreate:

Flannel is always a go-to in the fall. Flannel Friday is one of my favorite days!

Stripes are having a huge moment in my life right now. Tossing on a vest adds some extra warmth needed as the temperature drops.

Stripes again? Always. Vest again? Always. But this utility vest could easily be switched a utility jacket (y'all know how much I love mine!).

Apart from stripes, this is my other go-to outfit. Sweater, scarf, skinny jeans, and boots. It never fails me!

I've been seeing booties popping up more and more lately and I'm a fan! Sometimes boots that come up to my knee make me overheat quicker so booties are a great alternative.

Yes, stripes again. But take a peek at the out-of-focus shoes. For some reason I usually only wear leopard in the fall/winter. Throwing on jeans, sweater, scarf, and leopard flats was one of my favorite teaching outfits.


Pretty sure this fall will be covered in striped and vests. And I cannot wait!

What's your favorite fall outfit?

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