Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Finding Rest In The Overwhelming

(This is me to a T.)

Y'all I have been so overwhelmed lately.

Between school starting up again, learning to use and maintain new instruments in the labs, and feeling pressure to have my life together, I'm going crazy. I'm forgetful, scatter-brained, and exhausted every night. But when I finally get to bed, my mind won't shut off - it continues racing with to-do lists, new ideas, past mistakes. I wake up more tired than I was before I went to bed.

Within all of this, I've felt a strong pull to be rested. Not only physically rested but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Physically resting is easy for me. I'm a pro at laying on my couch all night binge watching Netflix. But I'm terrible at resting in every other aspect of life.

I was recently reminded of a sermon my Bible study leader from college sent me a long time ago. It's by Tim Keller and it's titled Work and Rest. You can find the sermon here. I highly suggest taking 45 minutes to listen to it. I think I listened to this sermon at least 10 times my senior year of college. I listened to it this morning and I'll probably listen to it many more times in the future. It's a sermon that never gets old, and I take away something totally new each time.

If you're a student who just started school, a professional under a lot of pressure at work, or a parent trying to juggle your work and home life, take time to listen to this sermon. Listen while driving to work, running around the track, on your lunch break, whenever. Because of Christ we are able to enter into the rest God experienced when he rested after creation! 

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