Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Current Obsessions

Hey y'all! Lately I've come across a few things that I'm obsessing over. Here they are:
Matrix Turbo Dryer // If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I have an insane amount of hair. There's a ton of hair on my head. Not only is there a lot, but it's also really fine. It takes me at least 15 minutes to dry my hair on a good day. After using this it took me, no joke, 5 MINUTES! If you have a lot of hair, I suggest spending the money on this stuff. I spent $18 on the bottle at Ulta (line here) and I have zero regrets.

May Designs // My friend Kelli introduced me to them because she had the cutest weekly planner on her desk (actually she has the pink and white one on the left - I had no clue I ordered the same one until I saw hers a second time). These notebooks are eco-friendly and handmade in Memphis, TN. They have more than notebooks though - they have stationary, photo books, agendas, and more. Check them out here and if you order from their breast cancer awareness collection, they donate 15% to the Susan G. Komen of Austin. 

I ordered two notebook because they were on sale. The one on the left is a weekly agenda and the one on the right is a blank notebook (perfect for quiet time). Also who doesn't love monograms??

This is the inside of the weekly agenda. I love the simplicity of it.
Sunrises // I've always loved sunrises but lately I've been getting to school right as the sun is coming up and it's so beautiful. Sunrises are a perfect reminder of the newness of the day. It's also so quiet on campus that early in the morning and quiet has been just what my life needs.

There were three of us taking a picture of this sunrise right outside Hughes.
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