Monday, October 26, 2015

FitGirl 28 Day Jumpstart!

I came across the FitGirl brand on Instagram. I found this account that posts videos of workouts. I had read that they were advertising a group challenge called a 28 Day Jumpstart. My initial opinion of it (without ever looking into it) was that it would be full of expensive healthy food and ridiculous workouts that no can do. I brushed it off without really giving it a second thought.

A few days later (maybe a week) I was reading Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs (go read!!). In the chapter I was on, she talks about having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I immediately knew the Lord was like "Ashley you really need to listen to this part." I love Annie. I feel like we're friends. She's single, I'm single, we both have PCOS (great reason to be friends, right?). But she said something that really struck me. PCOS can cause infertility. I knew this. But I'm single and not sleeping with anyone nor am I trying to procreate any time soon. But Annie goes on to tell a story about her friend who changed her eating habits to help her multiple sclerosis...and it helped! Her symptoms subsided just by eating healthier. I knew where this was going. I've known that changing my eating habits would help. But I'm not trying to make a baby right now, so I can eat carbs and ice cream, right? Then Annie said something that hit me like a ton of bricks:

I had a God-given moment of clarity when the scales fell from my eyes and I realized all the yeses I was saying to unhealthy food were inadvertently saying noes to the thing I wanted more in my life - like a healthy future.

(Brb while I pick my jaw up off the floor.)

Y'all I swear I heard the Lord say "Ashley, you need to change. I gave you this body to take care of and you need honor me through this." That healthy future for me is babies. So I quickly put the book down and made my way back to the info link about this 28 Day Jumpstart. In this guide, it contains grocery lists, workouts, recipes, and all the info you'll need to make it through 28 days of fit living. I couldn't get my debit card out fast enough! I started reading the 200 page guide (no joke, it's exactly 200 pages) and fell in love with it. It was so funny and incredibly encouraging! The best parts are that everything on the grocery lists is stuff I know I can afford because I buy most of it to begin with. The recipes include things like tacos and pizza. I'm down. And the workouts are ones you do at home for 30 minutes a day with no equipment necessary.

Here's the breakdown of what my next four weeks will look like:
1. Go to the grocery every Sunday armed with a grocery list from the guide. Remember how I said I could afford it? That's such a relief for this poor grad student.
2. Meal prep as much as I can on Sunday for ultimate laziness throughout the week. The guide encourages meal prep and I'm all about that life.
3. Eat what they tell me to. Okay that sounds a little cult-ish but really it's great. I'm not very creative in the kitchen so if someone wants to tell me exactly what to cook, I'm totally down.
4. Do the workouts every day. This is where I get nervous when it comes to the weekends. I'm usually good during the week, but I usually get too busy or forget to workout when it comes to my weekends. But they're only 30 minutes each and can be done at home. No excuses.
5. Keep all of you updated on my progress!


Here's a couple things I want to share with you:
Annie's website. Check her out! I highly suggest her book Let's All Be Brave. It's so good!
Fit Girl's website. You can still join the 28 day challenge! The only difference is the price bumped back up to $30. I would love to have company throughout this next month!

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