Friday, November 27, 2015

DIY Gift Ideas

My family used to have a rule that you could only give gifts that were homemade. We would draw names and everyone made something for someone else. It's my favorite thing we've ever done! Thanks to the heavenly goodness that is Pinterest, finding DIY gifts is super easy. But searching through Pinterest can be exhausting. So I pulled together some of my favorite DIY gifts that I've found. Some I've actually made, some I haven't but plan to one day!

Marbled Jewelry Dish

How cute are these? And they are so easy to make! Just some clay, bowls, and an oven. The great thing about these is that you can tailor the colors to fit the person you're giving them to. She loves pink? Use different shades of pink clay. More of a neutral gal? Just use white, black, and greys. It may be a little pricey to buy the clay and the gold gilding but you could make so many dishes from the supplies you buy! 

I actually made these for two of my guy friends for their birthdays last year. They were insanely easy to make too! I slowly collected the beer boxes from their favorite beers over the course of a few months. I would have bought the beer myself and just drank it but I'm not a huge fan of all their favorites. If beer isn't their thing, use some pretty stationary instead!

For the tea or coffee lover in your life! All of the supplies for this can be bought at the dollar store. Just some white mugs, nail polish, and water. That's it! The colors are endless too because goodness knows there's nail polish available in every color imaginable. You could also use a Sharpie and write the person's favorite verse or saying on it too!

This is perfect for as a gift for a family. I can see this being something my mom would love! Just some scrap wood, a wooden letter, picture frame and some stain/paint. So easy!

These are perfect for ladies that have cold hands (but a warm heart). You could easily make a bunch of these. They'd be perfect for either a stocking stuff or if you have a bunch of people to give gifts to.

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