Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Ideas from Etsy

I'm a huge Etsy fan! I remember finding it in college and I was immediately obsessed. There's so many cute handmade items on there! Here's some of my favorite things I've found that would make excellent gift ideas:

Mugs from Chalk Full of Love
They're donating a dollar from every mug bought during the months of November and December to orphanages in Haiti. How awesome!! 
Seriously how cute is this? Really the entire store is adorable. I suggest this print for the coffee and Jesus lover in your life.

Prints from Peach and Gold
I love this shop because it really plays on the girly girl in me! So many of the prints would go so well in a bedroom by a vanity or in the bathroom. I also love the soft colors so much!
Some of these are instant download. You get a file with the picture then you can take it to be printed at your local print shop (which happens to be Walgreens or Wal-Mart for me!). Or if you prefer to have it already printed for you, you can buy them like that too!

Scarves from Love That Monogram
Blanket scarves are in right now! And for good reason: they're warm, cozy, cute, and double as an actual blanket. I recently bought this scarf below from this shop (that's me in the picture!).
They also come in other colors and there's more than just scarves in the shop! Here's a blanket scarf in a yellow/brown mix.

Rings from Silver Canyon Jewelry
I wear a set of rings I bought from this shop every single day. They're thin and dainty and so cute. I have this exact set. I also bought a knot ring to go with it.

Anything mongrammed from PineappleProper
This shop I found thanks to laurenconrad.com. I'm especially in love with the monogrammed Camelbaks! You just really can't go wrong with a monogram!

I highly suggest Etsy if you're looking for unique gifts. It definitely takes some patience searching through all of the different shops but once you find that one that's just what you need, all that time searching was worth it! Just keep in mind that since the shop owners hand make their items, it takes extra time to ship to you so order as early as you can! Happy shopping!!

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