Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jumpstart Week 2

Wow this is so late. I'm going to be super honest: I thought I had just finished week one this week. Last week flew by!! But now that I'm adjusted, here's my update on the quickest week 2 ever!


Well y'all I'm halfway through this whole Jumpstart. I so wish I could say it's still going well buuuuuut....

I totally bombed last week.

I ate out three nights last week! Don't get me wrong I loved who I got to eat out with (shoutout to Dr. Jen!!) but it is so hard to eat well when endless chips and salsa are sitting in front of you, amiright?!

On top of falling off the wagon a little, the food was not my favorite. It just wasn't my taste. That definitely didn't help either. I found I'm not a fan of polenta or potatoes without butter. This week's food was just too bland and I wasn't creative enough to spice it up.

Even though last week was kind of a bust, I'm still not discouraged! My belt needed to be tightened one notch this morning! This is coming after my jeans had been feeling tight even without a belt before I started. Also, I ordered a few tops from Old Navy in my normal size and they were too big! 

If I learned one thing from Week 2 it's this:
You cannot beat yourself up for mistakes. I was so tempted to not eat the day after I ate out thinking the calories would average out over a few days. That's a really dumb idea. After eating a teeny tiny breakfast, I was hangry by the time lunch came around. So I learned that even if I eat out and make poor choices, I just have to continue the next day like I normally would. Each morning is a clean slate! 

So that's pretty much it from Week 2. Since I'm well into Week 3, I'll let you know that it's going much better! And hopefully I'll remember when the week has ended this time.

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