Monday, November 16, 2015

Jumpstart Week 3

I'm starting my last week today!! Isn't that crazy?? It is to me! Thankfully the third week was much better than the second week.

How good was the third week you ask? Well I had to tighten my belt...again. That's one notch a week. Can I make it three notches by next Sunday? That'd be cool, but if I don't I won't cry. Mostly because I gave in to ice cream last night and it was so worth it.

I liked the food so much more this week! Everything was so colorful and so full of flavor! My favorite food this week was the "Growed-Up Girl Cheese." It's so much more than your average grilled cheese - the 'cheese' part is an artichoke, cheesey, gooey goodness. It was heaven in your mouth!!

For my last week I already know I'm switching out one of the dinners because it has polenta and I do not like polenta. At all. So I'm going to sub in my favorite dinner from the entire program: sweet potato tacos. Y'all my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

One of my favorite things about this whole thing has been the new recipes I've learned. Other than week 2, I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've made. It's crazy how much better everything tastes when you're not eating a bunch of sugars and fats and salt! It's also so great to learn new ways of mixing food so it brings out the intense flavor in everything. I just love food, but in a much healthier way!


(Disclaimer: I'm going to start talking about female things. If you would rather not read about my womanly issues, you can stop reading. I'm glad you stopped by though!)

Here's a picture of dogs playing in a pile a leaves before you leave/keep reading!


So this last little section is an update on something I posted about a long time ago (aka June). I told y'all that I have PCOS and I went back to the gyno and had stuff checked out. Well I never heard from my doctor so I'm assuming nothing is wrong. I also kept forgetting to call her and follow up on all of that. My bad. I should probably do that.

Since my visit, I haven't been taking birth control. Which is so weird because I've taken it every day since high school. For the first couple months nothing happened. No period, nothing. This was pretty discouraging because the whole idea behind me going on birth control was that it would regulate my body enough that I wouldn't need it. If you talked to me in August I would have said that's a load of horse crap. My body wouldn't regulate itself without that little pill.

Until October. Then Aunt Flo came for a visit. It was a short one, but she was there. I thought maybe it was a fluke, like it wasn't real. But then November came and she came again! One month after she came the first time (because that's what's supposed to happen)! You guys...I had a period. Two months in a row! (I know some of you are like "why is this good news? I would love to not have a period" and I hear you. It does suck. I'm not excited about having to deal with it, but I want to have kids one day. If I'm not having a period, my uterus isn't shedding and it's getting thicker and thicker each month. This causes problems when you want to get pregnant. See my problem here?) So yeah I was excited.

I firmly believe it's because of my change in eating that brought this on. One cause of PCOS is being overweight. And I am. I'll admit it. Now I'm no where near being skinny (nor will I ever be skinny - I love food too much #icecreamfordays), but I'm for sure healthier! All I keep thinking about is how hangry I was the first week and how much I wanted to throw in the towel after the second week, but all of that was so worth it!! I think I always felt a little hopeless when it came to losing enough weight to not need birth control for a period, but seeing that it's possible just spurs me on!

If you share my struggle, I encourage you to take a look at your eating habits. Try the 28-Day Jumpstart! It's only 4 weeks and I promise it's so easy. Everything is laid out for you. It's fool-proof. What do you have to lose? (Of course, you might want to talk to your doctor. They usually have some good insight too!) 

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