Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

One of my favorite but most stressful things for me is picking out what I want to wear while I'm home for Thanksgiving. I usually end up spending a few days at home. In college this wasn't a huge deal because I kept some clothes at home just in case I changed my mind about what to wear. Since I moved to Ohio, I have all of my clothes with me. Therefore careful planning is involved to make sure I have outfits that I love to wear. Here's a few of my favorites that will most likely be making an appearance this week!
Thanksgiving Day, option 1:

Traveling for turkey day? I highly suggest a blanket scarf! They're cozy, so warm, and so cute. Plus, it doubles as a blanket for long car rides or naps after eating!
Here's some of my favorite pieces:
Sweater: here, here (this one is lightweight and I love it), and here
Jeans: my favorites are here, but any skinny jeans you love work!
Boots: here (wide calf), here (also wide calf), and here
Blanket Scarf: here (I have this exact one), here, and here
Bag: here, here, and here

Thanksgiving Day, option 2:

Feeling a little fancier? Try a jewel tone sweater, gold necklace, and black accessories!
Here's some links to similar items:
Sweater: here, here (I know I already linked it but there's just so many colors), and here (they're on super sale right now)
Jeans: my favorites are here
Booties: here, here, and here
Bag: here, here, and here

Black Friday Shopping:

Y'all know by now this my favorite outfit ever. That's because it's so comfy! And so incredibly easy!! Plus, for Black Friday shopping, I want to stay warm while walking from the car to the mall, but I don't want to be sweating while making my way to Bath and Body Works. My solution: layers for days!!
Here's some links to similar items:
Jacket: here, here, and here
Top: here, here, and here
Jeans: my favorites are here
Booties: here, here, and here, also check out your local TJ Maxx - I recently found a pair I wear all the time!
Bag: here, here, and here, again check out TJ Maxx!

If you're ever unsure of what to wear, I love jewel tones for the holidays (emeralds, purples, reds). If your top is a bright color, the rest of your outfit can be neutral. Or keep your top neutral and throw on a chunky and colorful necklace or a scarf. If you're in a place where it's pretty chilly, layer up! Jackets and vests make great layering pieces that are still cute. Also, if your family doesn't wear shoes in the house, I highly recommend wearing socks that will still look good with your outfit. The last thing you want is to be wearing a purple sweater with bright orange and green socks! Black or brown socks work super well to avoid this!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
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