Friday, December 4, 2015

Deck the Halls!

Christmas is my favorite time of year!! I especially love to decorate for Christmas. I usually decorate right before I go home for Thanksgiving so I can enjoy my decorations for as long as possible.

I've been trying to use my camera more and learning how to use it in manual mode instead of automatic. These pictures are the first of many in my trials and errors in learning how to use my camera! Here's a tour of my apartment all decked out in Christmas!

I made this wreath last year for my door. It was a Pinterest idea (obvi). I used a styrofoam circle/wreath, dollar tree ribbon, dollar tree ornaments, and a hot glue gun. It was so easy!

Don't mind the antenna - I cut the cable cord over the summer. I love the deep window sills in my apartment. Especially because they make a great makeshift mantle! (Yes, I got my cat a stocking with a cat on it. I'm not sure if it's because my grandma and mom always had the best stockings or what but I love them!)

My other window sill holds the wine bottles I spray painted gold. I love these because I just switch out flowers depending on the season. I hit up the dollar store for these flowers last year!

These two guys made their way into my home my first year in Ohio and I love them. I'm so happy I found a place to hang my snowman this year - last year he just sat propped up against a wall. And the reindeer is probably one of my favorite decorations. He was a great TJ Maxx find!

I love decorating my TV stand! It's such a great shelf space! And yes those are gold pumpkins. They're just so cute I couldn't throw them out!

I love prints! I bought the Joy to the World print from Wishful Printing. They have so many prints and most are just $1.50! The All is calm all is bright print is from Dawn Nicole. I joined a Facebook group of hers all about hand lettering (something I'm trying!).

My mom convinced me to get the red and gold ornaments and I'm so glad I did! How pretty is my tree at night??

I love reflective ornaments! And I couldn't resist getting a picture in my (super nerdy) pjs.
[Quick note, my bottoms are from Old Navy (link here) and are insanely comfy! As soon as I get home from school I put them on. They're flannel but they're thin so you won't sweat (take it from the ever-warm girl here). Plus there's so many patterns!]


Bonus: Here's my favorite Christmas sweater:

I found it at a thrift store in Ohio. It's more like a sweatshirt really and it's incredibly comfortable! It says: Wesołych Świąt, which is Merry Christmas in Polish. This started out as an ugly Christmas sweater purchase, but I wear it often in December! (So excited to wear this to our department holiday party tonight!)

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