Monday, December 21, 2015

No-Fuss Holiday

When I'm home for Christmas, I don't want to spend all my time getting ready. I'd much rather spend time with my nieces or helping my mom in the kitchen (even if I complain...sorry mom!). So how do I cut my time getting ready? Here's a few ideas:

For you hair
Work with your natural texture
I have awkwardly curly/wavy/straight hair. And I have a ton of it!! I've found that it takes a lot less time to curl the straight parts than it does to straighten the curly parts. I use this curling wand to curl the straight parts and tame the super curly parts (I bought it with a coupon code because it's expensive. Try this one or this one for more affordable options!). Embrace your natural texture - it's so much easier to go with what happens naturally than to force it to do something else!

Keep it out of your face
Whether you're playing with kids or cooking in the kitchen, you'll likely be pushing your hair out of your face. Braid your bangs, twist them back, clip it half up, French braid it (I'm a fan of only French braiding the top half), the possibilities are endless! Check out this Youtube video on how to "braid" your bangs.

For your makeup
Pick one feature to be bold
For me, it'll be the lips this Christmas. Especially since I've found a couple red lipsticks I love. If I'm going to do a bold lip, I'll keep the rest of my makeup simple. Here's a breakdown of my makeup routine I'll likely use:
Wash my face
Put on lotion
Primer (it keeps your makeup in place)
Foundation (I've recently fallen in love with Mary Kay cream to powder because it doesn't budge but it's super light - perfect for hanging out in a warm house!)
Light eyeshadow (or no shadow!)
Mascara (if you want eyeliner, add it here)
Blush/bronzer (combo palettes are so great because it's a two-in-one)
Lipstick (go bold! Check out this lipstick from Revlon and this one from Maybelline for super long-lasting color!)
e.l.f. makeup setting spray (super cheap AND it works!)
That's it! This whole makeup routine takes me about 5 minutes.

For your outfit
Be comfy!
You're likely to be either in a car, sitting around a table, or rolling around on the floor (maybe that's just me!). The last thing you want to do is to be uncomfortable. If your Christmas is anything like mine, it's pretty chill. We also cram a lot of people into our house so it gets pretty warm. I'll likely wear my favorite pair of jeans, a light top (anything cotton is great because it's breathable and won't make me too hot), and Christmas socks (because duh!). Here's a couple outfits I've worn recently that might make an appearance at Christmas:
(This was my Christmas card this year - how cute is my cat? Also that top is from Wal-Mart!)

(This was my Thanksgiving outfit)

(Rocking the Canadian tuxedo!)

(White is bold when there's food involved but it's so cute!)

(No skinny jeans - what's happening?!)

Whatever your holiday looks like, I wish you so much joy and happiness!! I love love love Christmas and hope you enjoy time with family! Do you have any tips on how you plan to keep the fussing to a minimum this Christmas?

Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you and your family!!

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