Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Planner You Absolutely Need!

Hey y'all! Can you believe 2016 is almost here?? It's so crazy! This year absolutely flew by!!

Being a grad student, I'm constantly juggling different projects as well as trying to balance my school and social life (so much easier said than done, amiright?). I've been wanting to really take 2016 by the horns and start the year out nice and organized. And wouldn't you know it I came across this wonderful lady's new planner (go take a look at her website!).

I mean just look at that picture. Who wouldn't want one??

Just look at all these cover designs:

Now that I've hopefully caught your attention with pretty pictures and a gif, here's everything you need to know about this planner:

1. It's all delivered online.
There's no hard copy you have to wait on. Just buy it online, download it, print it out, and file it in your favorite binder! It's available in two different sizes: A4 (Australia/UK...the designer is from Australia!!) and US letter size (8.5" x 11"). The A4 version is designed to be spiral bound while the US version is designed to be either spiral bound, placed in a 3-ring binder, or assembled with the Discbound system. Personally I'm going to print mine out at a copy store (so they look really nice) and put it in a pretty 3-ring binder.

2. There's two editions to chose from.
There's the Life Edition and the Faith Edition. They're completely identical except the Life Edition has motivational quotes each week while the Faith Edition has a scripture verse.

3. It has so many features.
Here's a list of everything you get:
-Nine gorgeous cover designs (ALL included!) to choose from (including coordinating cover pages for each OCD is screaming with joy right now)
-Yearly goal setting pages
-Three goal planner worksheets
-Master year overview
-Year calendar
-Birthday calendar
-Christmas gift planner
-Full page monthly calendars
-Twelve monthly master lists
-Twelve monthly budget worksheets
-Twelve master weekly schedules
-Note pages at the beginning and the end of each month
-Dated daily layouts, weekly view
-January and February 2017 monthly calendars so you can plan ahead this time next year
-Five bonus planner project worksheets

4. It only costs $19!
You can keep the cost super low by printing your planner at home and using a 3-ring binder. If you're more into spiral binding, check out Office Depot and Staples! For around $60, you can get this planner printed and bound.

5. It supports Amazima Ministries.
20% of the profit from this planner goes to Amazima Ministries. They provide education, food, medical care, and vocational training for the poor in Uganda.

If I still haven't convinced you, check out this link for even more information on this planner from the designer herself!

Before I wrap this post up, I just need to talk about my favorite part of the planner: The weekly views.
At the top of the Faith Edition, there's a box for your prayer list. I always have a prayer list floating around somewhere but I never remember where I last placed it. With this planner, your prayer list is right where you're planning the rest of your life! I love it!!

My final opinion:
This planner is so perfect. From the stressed out college student to the mom juggling her house with 4 kids under 5, this planner covers everything you need to plan! Yes it's large and won't fit in your purse. But think of this as your command center. This is where your whole life is planned out. My smaller agenda is going to be more of a supplement for this planner. Thankfully being a student I carry my backpack with me so my planner will likely be with me every day anyway. If not, it'll be sitting on my table ready for me to check it before I leave in the morning and when I get home in the evening.

Here's one last look at this amazing planner:

So, if you're like me and you want to get your life all organized for 2016, head on over to A House Full of Sunshine and purchase your amazing planner! 


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