Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Ahead

Happy New Year y'all!! I hope you had a wonderful night ringing in the new year last night! Whether you spent the night in your comfiest clothes or your sparkliest dress, I hope it was wonderful. Yesterday I posted about my favorite memories from 2015. Today, I'm making my goal/wish list for 2016. Here we go!

1. Travel to (at least) one new state.
My top place to visit is Colorado. Then Maine. Then Washington. Basically I'm all over the place. I would also LOVE to spend time in Canada!

2. Stay serious about a healthy lifestyle.
I did really well with the Fit Girl's Guide 28-Day Jumpstart and I plan to do it again starting Monday. I was recently diagnosed with insomnia (something I'm positive I've struggled with my entire life). If a healthy lifestyle can bring Aunt Flow around on the reg, maybe it'll help with my sleep. 

3. Stick to my budget.
I love spreadsheets. So much that I made a killer budget sheet...too bad I never stick to it! I plan to take an entire month and seriously stick to my budget in hopes that I can stick to it every month after that. My emergency fund is basically non-existent but it really needs to built back up.

4. Figure out my quiet time.
No joke this is a goal of mine every single year. I've always felt like if I don't do my quiet time first thing in the morning that I'm a bad Christian. After a talk with my Bible study, I realized that was such a silly statement to make! God loves me regardless of when I spend time with Him.

5. Spend time growing my blog.
Blogging has been such a great outlet! I love learning new things about blogging and getting to know new women through it. I would love to grow it into a more integrated part of my life. Lately it's been more of an afterthought but I want it to become a bigger part of my life.

6. Say no more often.
I'm a people pleaser to the core. I hate making people feel bad or uncomfortable. I would rather make myself uncomfortable or upset than someone else, and that's gotten me in a lot of trouble with my conscience. Here's to saying no to people, places, and things I know I don't want to be at or around.

7. Say yes more often.
Yes to adventure and spontaneity. Yes to time with friends and family. Yes to time by myself. Yes to surrendering my life to the Lord...all of it (easier said than done but it's a goal!).

What are your biggest goals for 2016? Anything you're excited to do (or not do)?


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