Monday, January 11, 2016

ORLY Color Amp'd Review

Hey y'all! Today I thought I'd share a nail polish review. I have a slight (okay, major) obsession with nail polish and I'm always looking for new brands or new kinds or new colors. For Christmas my mom got me this little sampler of ORLY Color Amp'd polish.
Available at Target
I like ORLY polish to being with, so I was excited to try this! If you haven't noticed, gel polish is a huge hit! I'm a fan of gel polish and if I could, I would keep gel polish on my nails at all times. Unfortunately it's a little too expensive for me which is why I love the gel hybrid polishes that drugstore brands have been coming out with. A large handful of these hybrid polishes come with a UV light, but not ORLY Color Amp'd. Their tag line is "Wears like a gel, removes like a polish." And no lamp needed! It's also promoted as a flexible color, meaning surface flaws will disappear. I'm totally down with that.

Here are my thoughts I have on this new gel hybrid polish. Some bad, some good. I almost did a pros and cons list, but I like numbered lists better!

To start off, this is what the color looked like immediately after painting:

Pretty good right?
Now here are my thoughts:

1. It dries super quickly!!
You put two coats of the color on followed by one coat of the clear coat. No basecoat needed! But the best part was how quickly I could do my nails. As soon as I had painted all of them, they were dry and I could move on to the second coat. I will say that I should have let the second coat dry for a little longer before adding the clear coat because it smeared the color a little and made it look thinner in parts on my nail. Oh well. But I was able to open a bottle of wine about 5 minutes after painting them and there were no smudges, scratches, or chips!

2. The color of the bottle is not what's inside.
This was a little disappointing. I started with the maroon color in the middle, but it came out more mauve. The purple on the left was a very bright purple while the pink was definitely a neon pink. I even browsed the colors (and picked a couple more up) at Target to see if this was a theme among all colors and it definitely was. It's not a bad thing but if you're going to buy this polish, make sure you open the bottle to double check that you like the color! I will say the glitter polishes are the truest to color.

This color, LA Selfie, matched pretty well according to this picture, but in real life, the bottle label looks less neon pink, which is what the polish goes on as. I mean, it's bright pink!

3. It wears like a polish.
When I say wear, I mean it chips. I was expecting that if it "Wears like a gel..." that it wouldn't chip as quickly (gel manicures can last two weeks!). Granted I work in a chemistry lab where I'm exposed to organic solvents that are notorious for stripping nail polish (if you follow me on Snapchat [aerichardson] you saw what happened to my pinky nail), but I'm usually pretty careful when handling them to I avoid ruining my polish. Unfortunately, this stuff chipped quickly. I painted my nails Saturday night, and these pictures are from this morning (only 4 days later).


4. But it comes off like a polish...seriously!
I was really surprised at how easy it was to take this polish off. It was easier than when I do base coat + two coats of color + top coat! I was also worried it would stain my nails because you don't use a base coat. I tried a red polish, a color notorious for staining nails, and my nails were as clean as if I had used a basecoat!


Overall I'm really on the fence about this polish. I love that it doesn't need a basecoat and that it dries quickly (definite pro for all my busy ladies!), but it chipped just as quick as my regular polish. It's also a little more expensive than the polish I normally buy. I'll probably use what I have, but I doubt I buy more colors.
If you do want to buy it and try it for yourself, it's at Target! 

Have you tried this polish or do you have another gel-hybrid polish you recommend? Let me know!!

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