Saturday, February 20, 2016

How I Curl My Hair

I've always loved doing my hair. And when I've found a styling process that is easy and always looks great, I stick with it! I probably curl my hair about 90% of the time because I can do it in under 10 minutes and like I said, it always looks great (not to toot my own horn or anything haha). So keep reading to find out exactly what I do to my hair to get the curly/messy look I typically rock.

First, I wash my hair before bed and let it dry overnight. My hair is super fine and won't hold a curl if I blow dry it first. My hair is also naturally wavy, so air drying it brings out the natural texture. I apply a small amount of curling gel to my wet hair. I love TRESemme Curl Gelee. It doesn't make your hair hard or crunchy. I also use Dear Clark Volumizing Tonic to give my roots that extra boost.
In the morning, my hair usually looks like a hot mess. It's bedhead to the extreme some days! I start by spritzing my hair with L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray. It protects my color but also protects against the heat I expose it to.

I bought two curling wands from Bombay Hair with an awesome coupon code (total price for both was $60, normally they're $120 each!), so keep an eye out! I found my coupon code through Sadie Robertson's Instagram (I'll admit it, I love her!). When my hair is longer I use the 32mm wand, but now that my hair is short, I use the 25mm wand. BUT, right now until Sunday at midnight, the 25mm wand is only $40!! I love this wand and it's completely worth the investment.

I always wrap my hair away from my face. I alternate between wrapping the whole piece of hair and just the bottom half (usually three times around versus two times around). I've recently started using thin sections (less than an inch wide) and only holding them on the wand for 5 seconds. I also only do the top layer and maybe a couple sections underneath because I have so. much. hair. The last time I curled all of my hair was probably in show choir. The underneath is when I let the natural texture be free.
Once my hair is curled, I add volume to the top. I live by the saying "the higher the hair, the closer to God." I just take the top layer around my part and place the wand right under it next to my scalp (not touching it - you don't want to burn yourself) for about 5 seconds. Even if I don't curl my hair, I always do this because I love volume!
Now that I've curled and added volume, I run my fingers through my hair to separate any ringlet-looking curls. Finally, I use hairspray. My favorite hairspray is by TRESsemee Perfectly Undone Hairspray (they have great styling products) because it doesn't make my hair stiff, but holds everything in place. I think I've gone through three cans of this stuff.
And that's it! I do this every other day (after I wash my hair). On the second day, I clean it with dry shampoo and just let it be.
Do you style your hair the same way every day? Or do you change it up more often?


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