Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day is just eleven days away! I feel like Christmas was just last week. January definitely flew by! But it's now February which means the only thing on everyone's mind is L-O-V-E. (Anyone else singing the song now?) My big plans for Valentine's Day will likely be grabbing dinner and drinks with a girlfriend and going home to cuddle my cat. Whether you have a sweetheart or you're buying something for your momma, here's some ideas to help you out this holiday. 

The following two pairs of earrings are from Charming Charlie. I love that they both just scream "wear me on Valentine's Day!"
Charming Charlie, $10
Charming Charlie, $13
What better gift to give your sweetheart than to give her a necklace with not only her initial, but the phrase "one in a million" on the back?
Kate Spade, $58
Because who doesn't want a red purse on the day of love?
Charming Charlie, $39
Of course a red, lacy, bra made it on the list. But really quick I need to tell you about Adore Me. It's kind of like those subscription sites where you can either buy something at the beginning of the month, or skip that month (think Fabletics or JustFab). They have the cutest bras and lingerie! Plus, they have a super wide range of sizes. I love it, even though I've always been a loyal Victoria's Secret customer.

Adore Me, $39.95 (VIP price)
How sweet does this scarf look? It's so soft and beautiful
Charming Charlie, $12
For those kissable lips!
Nordstrom, $15
These are cult faves for a reason. How timeless are these colors? And they're perfect for V-Day!
Ulta, $13.95
One of the most loved blushes of all time, NARS Orgasm. I've tried it only at stores and it's honestly beautiful. Especially if you love to use highlighter on your cheeks, it's basically built in. Plus I've heard it looks great on a broad range of skin tones.
Nordstrom, $30
Eyes are the window to the soul right? Why not play them up with this palette?
Ulta, $54
Every woman deserves new and beautiful makeup brushes.
Ulta, $50
I'm not sure how long Sephora has been carrying these, but I need one or 10 now. Get this for you lady especially if she needs to relax.
Sephora, $4

What are your big plans for Valentine's day?


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