Friday, February 5, 2016

Weekly Outfits

Because I'm so terrible at putting together individual outfit posts, I think I might try putting one big outfit post at the end of every week. Some weeks it may have lots of outfits, other weeks it may have a couple (because I'm in workout clothes the rest of the totally happens). I'm trying to be intentional about going back to posting my outfits since that was my reason for starting this blog. Bear with me as I still try to figure out how I blog best! (Also if you want to share any insight, please feel free!)


It's rough being a chemist. It's even more rough being a chemist who likes to look fashionable but still be conscientious about not wearing anything too expensive because acid holes will appear out of no where. However, I definitely have my favorite outfits to wear in lab. Each piece is something that I didn't spend an obscene amount on. It's also easy to take off a layer if I'm running around and getting warm or add an extra layer if I'm sitting at my desk getting cold. This week all of my outfits look pretty similar because they're all jeans and a t-shirt, but honestly what more do you need?

Jean jacket // Top // Jeans // Shoes // Similar necklace
Okay this was actually my outfit for church on Sunday but this is where the weekly uniform began.

Top // Jeans // Shoes // Coffee mug // Watch
I found this top on Sunday at JC Penney. It's amazing!! I mentioned it on Instagram earlier this week, but seriously I'm obsessed. I wish I had bought one in every color. They're light, but not see-through and they're longer than most fitted t-shirts. (Shhh I drink coffee in the lab!)

Jean jacket // Top // Jeans // Shoes
I've been all about the jean jacket lately. Especially with these super dark wash jeans (okay they're jeggings but still). It's a classy way to rock the Canadian tuxedo.

Cardigan // Similar top // Jeans // Shoes
I found this top are Target on Sunday as well. It's such a fun print! I couldn't find the pattern online, so you'll probably have more luck in the store. Also, the shoes I linked are the exact same style, but they don't carry this color online. I'm sure as spring starts rolling in they'll have some fun colors/patterns out!

Jacket // Top // Jeans // Boots // Watch
I will definitely be wearing this top next week as we get closer to Valentine's Day! Since it was colder today, I decided to go with riding boots to keep my feet warm.

It's finally Fri-yay so what better way to celebrate the joy of the end of the work week than by wearing yellow?

If you can't tell, I have one pair of jeans that I really really love and I have no shame wearing them all week. Maybe one day I'll buy a second pair and just rotate through...maybe. As it gets warmer, my wardrobe expands just a little but mostly this is my daily uniform. It's easy and nothing I wear costs an arm and a leg so if I do end up spilling something on it, I'm not going to feel like I just threw all that money away.


If you work in a lab (or even if you don't!), what's your favorite outfit to wear to work? What makes it your favorite outfit?


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