Wednesday, April 27, 2016

50 Things That Bring Me Joy

In case you missed it, I finished my ORP and I'm officially a PhD candidate! My soul was completely drained during that entire process. I lost a lot of my love for chemistry during it and a lot of my joy too. So to come back from that awful time, here are 50 things that bring my joy!

1. My family, especially my mom. She was a constant support through my ORP and is always a huge encourager.
2. My cat. She's hilarious and is always up for cuddles whenever I need them.
3. The smell of fresh cut grass
4. Wine
5. Freshly washed sheets
6. Sunny days
7. Farmer's market flowers
8. Tanned skin, using my favorite tanning mousse and not the sun!
9. Bright and light colors
10. The smell of banana bread in the oven
11. Camp fires
12. Freshly manicured nails, bonus if it's a gel polish
13. Road trips
14. Driving through southern Indiana when the leaves are changing in the fall
15. Spending time with my nieces. They're 5, 3, and 1 so there's always stuff to do with them. I love that I'm always viewed as a big princess in their eyes.
16. Real Housewives of any city. My favorites are Beverly Hills, New York, and New Jersey. I've now seen almost every episode and I'm not the least bit ashamed. RHONY may or may not be on the TV as I write this.
17. Sitting by a fire watching it snow
18. Reading a good book
19. Speaking of good books, Harry Potter.
20. Disney movies
21. Refinishing furniture. I've redid my coffee table and I'm in the process of redoing by bedroom suite furniture.
22. HGTV. Seriously the whole channel is inspiring.
23. Indianapolis. It's the capital of my home state and where many of my close friends live. It will always be my favorite city.
24. Sleep.
25. Tending to my garden
26. Spending time alone. Introversion for the win!
27. Sweet tea
28. Ice cream
29. Boating on the lake
30. Chemistry. Nerdy to say but I do love it!
31. Spending time with friends
32. Pensacola, FL. It's like my second home and I can't wait to go back.
33. Chips and salsa
34. Going for a stroll
35. Jumping in a pile of leaves
36. Singing at church
37. Laughing. I'm talking the deep belly laughing that gives you major abs.
38. The smell of home. My parent's house always smells the same no matter what time of year it is.
39. Coffee
40. Blogging
41. Hiking
42. Canoeing/cabrewing
43. Baking homemade cookies
44. Journaling
45. A fresh haircut
46. Looking at pictures from my childhood
47. Playing softball
48. My dogs at home
49. Peaches from the farmer's market. This family at our market has the best peaches ever!
50. Jesus. Had to say it even if it's the typical Christian thing to say!


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