Monday, April 25, 2016

April Birchbox: Unboxed

Did you see my previous post? All about my good news? If not go check it out here!

Another month, another Birchbox! Let me start by saying I loved this box! It was so good! Not only because I got a bonus sample but because these samples were just that great. Read on to see why.

1. amika Un.Done Texture Spray ($24) // Y'all know I love this brand. This stuff was great! It texturized my hair without making it feel like straw. I've been using Oribe Texturizing Spray but it has a tendency to make my hair feel super gross. It definitely does its job don't get me wrong! But this spray from amika is wonderful!!

2. (MALIN+GOETZ) vitamin e face moisturizer ($46) // This stuff made my skin feel so soft! And not oily! I have super oily skin so it's kinda sorta really picky about lotion and this stuff was amazing! I'm not sure I'd pay $46 for it, but if I had more money I would seriously consider it.

3. (MALIN+GOETZ) grapefruit face cleanser ($32) // I love my Mary Kay face wash but this stuff did a pretty amazing job! For being a cleanser it really got all the dirt and makeup off my face. Plus I didn't break out! I used it a couple days in a row and I started to notice that my face wasn't getting as oily. I would seriously consider buying this stuff and adding it to my routine!

4. rms beauty the ultimate makeup remover wipes ($16) // I'll admit I was super skeptical at first. These are wipes that are basically soaked in coconut oil. I know I know that stuff is a miracle product, but I have oily skin. The last thing I need is to put more oil on my face. And yeah I know that's supposed to help but my skin freaks out. So not so much. But wow these were wonderful! I just took my eye makeup off and everything came off so easily and quickly. I'm not sure I would spent $16 for a single wipe (I'm sorry what?!) but I would definitely consider incorporating more coconut oil!

5. Benefit Dew the Hoola Matte Liquid Bronzer ($28) // I. Love. Bronzer. I couldn't live without it. But my biggest issue is that so many bronzers are shimmery. I know I've said it a couple times before, but I have oily skin so shimmer doesn't always work well. This liquid bronzer was phenomenal though. It genuinely gave the look of just spending a few hours at the beach without looking shimmery (aka I definitely have makeup on). I would love to have a full sized bottle of this...even if it's $28.

6. The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick ($14.95) // This is possibly my favorite lipstick I've ever received in a Birchbox. This stuff goes on so smoothly and lasts so long! When I'm nervous I rub my lips together which makes my lipstick fade quickly. I wore this during my ORP and my nerves have never been more fried. But this stuff looked so great even after my exam! It also smells sweet, like a smoothie. And the color? Fabulous. It's bold enough that I can wear it out, but still subtle enough that I can wear it every day. It's perfect. Even though I got a really large sample, I will probably buy another one when I run out.

That's that! I really loved this box. This is why I love Birchbox though! Yes you get samples that fall flat or make you break out, but then you get a box like this where every sample was amazing. I just wish I had the money to buy every sample I love!


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