Friday, April 22, 2016

Back At It Again!

I have the best news.

Are you ready?

I'm officially a PhD candidate. Yep. I passed my ORP. Even as I write that it still doesn't feel real. I've spent the last four months reading articles upon articles and researching my butt off on topics I've never really been exposed to. Then I had to write and write until I didn't think I could form another sentence. Once that was done, I had to practice in front of peers. That's terrifying! Grad students are harsh on each other. We definitely hold each other to a seriously high standard. But that was good and so helpful because I finally presented my proposal to my committee (all professors with years of PhD experience behind them) and defended it. Also I should mention that the last two weeks I've been battling the worst flu I've ever had. #flubrain

Now I'm done. I can breathe. I can relax.

That is until I remember that I still have a whole lot of research and dissertation writing to do! But that can wait until Monday.

So what does this all mean for you? I'll be blogging again! I'm going to take some time and make a plan/get my stuff together before I jump back in, but I'll be back at it again soon! Chemistry is awesome and I love that it's my job, but I'm in desperate need of a creative outlet. Also I just can't with coffee for a while. Caffeine is good but I depended on it like none other and I just need a break.

It feels good to have my life back. Real good.


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