Monday, May 16, 2016

10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Have you seen this floating around the internet? It definitely makes me laugh, but there's so much truth to it! Well, it probably won't make get you great credit but it has so many other great uses! My friend Taf was one of the first people to introduce me to the wonderful uses of coconut oil and it's by far one of my favorite products to use because it's just sooooo versatile. Below are my ten favorite ways to use coconut oil.

1. Dandruff control. The water where I live is so hard and it wrecks my scalp! I have flaky skin year round, mostly on top of my head. Once or twice a week I put some coconut oil on my scalp about 30-60 minutes before showering. Just grab some from the jar, rub it between your hands to melt it (chunky solid coconut oil doesn't really work well!) and start massaging it into your scalp where it's flaky. After it's sat for a while, wash and condition like usual. For me it works immediately and better than dandruff shampoo!

2. Frizz control/Dry end healing. Not only is this stuff great for your scalp, but let it soak into your ends and you'll end up with super soft hair that (for me at least) doesn't tangle as easily and is super resistant to frizz!

3. Dry skin healing. Basically this stuff is great for moisturizing! Haha. But seriously, I put this on my elbows and it works better than any lotion I've ever used. This is super important since I use tanning mousse. The last thing I need is super orange elbows because they're dry when I apply the mousse!

4. Base for lip scrubs. I mix coconut oil with sugar and honey and it's an amazing lip scrub! I filled a mini mason jar and it sits on my bathroom counter to use whenever my lips need a good scrubbing. 

5. Cuticle oil. Now I'm a huge fan of buying cuticle oil, but that stuff gets so expensive! Coconut oil is a great substitute for the stuff at the store. Plus, rub a little more on your hands for super soft skin.

6. Redness reducer. When I get a zit (I know so gross) it always gets super red around it even if I don't touch it. Once I had a great idea to put some coconut oil on some blemishes one night and when I woke up, the redness was hardly visible! 

7. Shaving cream. My underarms are incredibly sensitive and I suffer from folliculitis (aka lots of inflammed hair follicles). I try to use good razors and shaving cream, but remember how I said coconut oil helps with redness? I started using it in place of my usual shaving cream and it's made a huge difference in how my underarms look (just in time for tank top season too!).

8. Replacement for vegetable oil. Okay so right now my coconut oil is in my bathroom. But when I first bought this jar, it was in my kitchen. I used it in place of olive or veggie oil to make my veggies. You can't take the coconut (well I couldn't), but it's supposed to be healthier and good for weight loss so I was down for it!

9. Sunburn relief. I still love my Solarcaine, but I got a little burnt recently (when it actually warm outside) and decided to try coconut oil instead. I was super happy when it soothed the aching of the burn but also when it kept my skin from looking gross from peeling. I'll definitely keep this around this summer (don't worry I still wear sunscreen!!).

10. Makeup remover. I don't do this often, but a couple times last summer I wore waterproof mascara. My makeup remover doesn't work on waterproof products, so I used some coconut oil and a cotton ball and the mascara came right off! My skin was super oily so I had to wash it after, but hey I didn't have to buy a whole thing of waterproof makeup remover that I would only use a few times.

I love this stuff! It has so many different uses. I've read a few places that it can even help control hairballs in cats, but I'm going to check with my vet before I start feeding it to Bug. I already know she likes it though because whenever it's in my hair she licks my head! But for now I'll stick to using it on myself. Also, in case you're wondering, I use Spectrum Coconut Oil (found at Kroger). It's not super expensive but it's still really great!

What are your favorite ways to use coconut oil?


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