Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Personalized Gifts For Dad

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Father's Day is coming up soon (June 19 to be exact) and if you're anything like me you still haven't gotten your dad anything. My mom is so easy to buy for because it's like buying for myself. But my step-dad has some expensive hobbies that I just can't afford on my tiny budget. Then I came across Swoozie's gifts for him. Oh my. They have so many great gift ideas for your dad! Plus a lot of them can be personalized. I've rounded up some of my favorite gifts for dads below. (Just click on the pictures below to go straight to the website.)

Dawson Toiletry Bag
Personalized toiletries bag
I know women usually have flowery bags, but men use them too! Why not get dad a nice one with his initials on it? That way he'll always know which one is his. (I'm contemplating getting this for my step-dad)

Personalized Money Clip - Metro Wallet
Personalized money clip
Men always have their wallet with them, usually in their back pocket. This money clip is slim so it'll fit easily into any pair of pants!

Monogram Shaving Set
Monogram shaving set
If he's not in a hurry, my step-dad uses his shaving set like this. It definitely gives him a closer shave. If he needed another set, I would totally get him this one!

Personalized Take a Seat Anywhere Chair
Personalized stadium chair
A lot of families spend lots of time at the ball park or stadium so why not get dad an awesome chair like one? It's got his name on it so no one takes his seat plus a drink holder.

Personalized Large Mouth Cooler Bag
Personalized cooler bag
This also comes in handy when traveling to games or going camping. Everyone needs a good cooler, so why not get dad a soft side one with his initials?

Personalized Gold Rimmed Double Old Fashioned Set
Personalized Double Old Fashioned Glass Set
No one will take his drink ever again with these personalized glasses. You can change the personalization style too if this isn't quite what your dad would like!

These are just some of my favorite gift ideas. Make sure you order them early enough if you want them personalized though! Click here to check out the rest of Swoozie's gifts for him and anyone else on your list!


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