Monday, May 2, 2016

The Four Best Places to Buy Workout Clothes on a Budget

I love when the weather warms up. Don't get me wrong I love cold weather and snow, but I do enjoy the warmer seasons too! Living in a college town I feel like it's a little more dramatic, but the day the temperature starts peaking up into the high 60s/low 70s, everyone and their brother is outside working out. And I love it! I don't mind working out at the gym, but running around a track where 8 laps is a mile (I know it's awful) isn't my idea of a fun workout. So as the temperatures keep rising, I've put together some of my four favorite places to buy workout clothes. I've linked pieces where I can so check those out!

1. TJ Maxx
This is my all-time favorite place to buy workout clothes. I have found so many great pairs of leggings and tank tops there. It's definitely a place where you can't go in expecting to find everything you need that day. But it's totally worth it because you can find name brand clothes there for half the price. That pair of leggings cost me $13, but full price they were $30. That tank top cost me $10, but full price it's $35. The quality of both pieces is amazing. I'm obsessed with that Nike top (I'm wearing it a few pictures down in this post), but I'm not spending $35 on a single tank top. 

2. Kohls
I feel like Kohls is so underrated. I went in there to pick up a bridal shower gift and I came out with the gift plus two tank tops and a pair of running shorts. That tank top up there? I highly suggest it for my ladies who want a little extra room in their tops. It's from the plus section because I hate feeling constricted when I'm working out! I also bought those grey Nike shorts in the above picture. They have built in spandex/compression shorts that stay in place when I run. I'm not about that chaffing life so these are a lifesaver! I fully plan on ordering more asap.

3. Wal-Mart
Y'all know I love a good deal. And when it comes to workout clothes that I get sweaty and gross in, I'm not about that high price tag life. I have lots of workout pieces from Wal-Mart and they're all really great quality! Fun fact: that tank top right up there? $7. And those leggings? $13. That's $20 for a whole outfit! 

4. Target
I personally don't have any activewear from Target but I love the rest of their clothes and I know many women who find great pieces there! They also carry the brand RBX that I've seen at TJ Maxx and they're great pieces! I don't make it to Target often but I think the next time I'm there I'll make sure I check out their workout section for y'all.

Now you may be wondering why I didn't include shoes or sports bras. For shoes, I run so I pay a little more for a better pair of shoes that will be nice to my feet. My tip for buying shoes though: Purchase the second newest shoe model. For example, last time I bought shoes the newest ASICS shoe was the Gel-Nimbus 17. Instead of buying what's brand new, I bought the Gel-Nimbus 16 and saved $40! Buying from Amazon can also help you save money. For sports bras, I'm well-endowed so I spend the extra money for the added support. My favorite sports bra to run in is from Victoria's Secret. It's incredibly supportive and I love it!

There are my favorite places to buy workout clothes. Do you have a go-to store where you find activewear at a bargain price? Feel free to share in the comments because I'm always looking for new places!


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