Wednesday, June 15, 2016

7 Reasons You Should Wake Up Early

I'm more of a morning person than a night owl by far. I get really cranky when it gets late. But just because I'm a morning person doesn't mean I naturally wake up early and love it. However, there are definitely some pros to getting an early start to the day. Here are 7 reasons I think you (and I) should wake up early.

1. More time for a workout. I used to be great about getting to the gym by 6:30 then to work by 8. But life happened and I slipped out of that habit. Now that it's summer, I'm getting back into early gym mornings with some friends. It's only been a couple weeks and I'm terrible at going every day, but I remember why I loved morning workouts: I have more energy during the day, I feel so much better all day, and I get a jumpstart on reaching my step goal (I'm Fitbit obsessed!).

2. It's quiet. Most people I know are constantly going all day long. But there's just something so peaceful about being awake before most people. The calmness is a great start to any day, especially when your work is busy, loud, and non-stop!

3. More time for breakfast. We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - but for good reason! It jumpstarts your metabolism plus you haven't eaten for at least 8 hours so your body needs those nutrients and calories for fuel! Also who doesn't love starting their day with a homemade egg sandwich or pancakes?

4. Planning time. Mornings are when I plan out my day and week. And the earlier I get up, the more time I have to plan and schedule things. Life is crazy so I need all the time I can get to do this!

5. Better sleep. When you're up and moving earlier in the day, your body has more time to get tuckered out. I've noticed that if I'm up early and regardless of what time I go to sleep, my sleep quality has increased!

6. Easier commute to work. Living in a college town I deal with university traffic every single day. I know that the earliest classes start at 8:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I leave my house either right at 8 or a little after, I'll run into all the students walking to get to class. And oh my gosh nothing tests my patience more! Getting up earlier gives me time to get to work before all the students start running to class.

7. Sunrises. Don't get me wrong I love sunsets, but sunrises are just as beautiful. They're so calm and refreshing because it's a reminder that today is a brand new day. Getting up early gives you time to catch those first morning rays. Bonus points if you hear birds chirping.

Do you have any other reasons you love to get up early? I'd love to hear them so share them in the comments section!

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