Monday, June 6, 2016

My Summer Make Up Routine

Y'all it's finally been feeling like summer in southwest Ohio! It's been hot and decently humid - just like a midwest summer. As the temperatures warm up, I tend to change my makeup routine a little. Cooler weather brings darker colors, heavier foundation, and just more makeup in general. But in the summer I sweat. A lot. So I'm not about to put on a full face of makeup just to sweat it off as soon as I walk outside. Keep reading to see what I put on my face in the summer! Plus, I linked everything at the end of the post.

For my face, I like to keep things light but still protect my face.
- Sunscreen. This is a must! I'm outside as much as I can be in the summer so sunscreen is not an option. I love this sport sunscreen because it's sweat resistant. Also this CVS brand doesn't clog my pores.
- Concealer. I actually use this foundation as my concealer. It's really light but stays put so well! I stay away from using concealer on my entire face because it tends to feel cakey. Plus, a good tan helps cover imperfections!
- Blush. Another Birchbox favorite is my cream blush. It stays put super well and it's got a cooling ingredient that's perfect in the summer.
- Bronzer. Again with the cream stuff! It seems to stay in place better when I'm fighting the heat than powder.
- Powder. I know I just said cream stays put better than powder, but that doesn't apply to translucent powder. This stuff keeps me from getting super shiny during the day which is so important! Also it isn't pictured because I think my cat swiped it and it's under my couch or bed.

For my eyes I try to not be too fussy by just doing mascara and eyebrows. I'll add eyeliner and shadow if I'm feeling fancy!
- Liquid eyeliner. This is totally optional and I don't wear it every day. If you've read my Birchbox reviews, you might remember seeing this liquid eyeliner. It's the best!! It stays put even after playing volleyball when it's creeping up toward 90 degrees.
- Eyeshadow. I definitely don't wear this every day. Usually just to church and random days I want to look nice. If I do wear it though, I always wear a peachy-pink color that's light and summery.
- Mascara. If I'm going to be near a pool, I'll usually put waterproof mascara on but most days I use my usual mascara.
- Eyebrows. This eyebrow kit from e.l.f. is amazing! I've been using it for so long and it stays put so incredibly well - even when I'm sweating!

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