Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What I Can't Wait To Wear This Summer

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Happy June!! Only three weeks until summer y'all. How crazy is that?! It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming spring! But since summer is quickly approaching, I've been dreaming of clothing and jewelry I can't wait to wear. This is basically a wish list I've put together (my birthday is July 7 if you're feeling generous haha!), but also some great ideas if you're looking to change up your summer wardrobe with something a little different!

This kimono is so breezy and light - perfect for keeping your shoulders covered in the sun! Plus, the floral print perfectly compliments the beautiful blooming flowers.

Kennedy Floral Kimono
If you saw this post, you know I was talking about this t-shirt (I have it in grey!). Pineapples are a big trend for the summer and this shirt is a cute way to jump in on it!
Neon Pink Pineapple Shirt
Cacti are another trend that's going to see a lot of time this summer. I love the simplicity of this shirt with the slight pop of color.
Saguaro Cactus Graphic T-Shirt
I can totally see these going so well with a simple dress - they're an easy way to spice an outfit up. They'd also be perfect for this wedding season!
CP-52 Floral Strap Wedge Sandal
These sandals will spice up an outfit, but they definitely have a more casual vibe to them. I also like the idea of the lace-up sandal. I don't currently have a pair, but I'm seriously contemplating buying some.
Trout-S Tropical Print Gladiator Sandal
Going to the beach or spending the day on the lake? Floppy hats are just what you need! They're great for keeping your face shaded. This one just adds a cheeky-ness to it with the fun phrase!
Here Comes The Fun Hat
Y'all know I love my tassels on a necklace, but these earrings are so cute! Plus, they come in a variety of colors.
Addie Tassel Dangle Earring
Naturally I had to include a tassel necklace. They're so cute and go with so much!
Brandon Beaded Tassel Necklace
No, not tassels! But this necklace would be perfect for layering with some longer skinny necklaces.
Elsa Beaded & Spike Necklace

If you're looking to add some jewelry to your collection for the summer but can't decide on what pieces to buy, check out Cents of Style's Grab Bag! Right now if you use the code GRABBAG20 you can get a makeup bag for $19.98 + FREE shipping and it comes with a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. Their bags are super cute (I love the beautiful mess one) and would be great to take with you on summer vacations!


What are you most excited to wear this summer? Any summer trends you can't wait to try? I've definitely got my eye on fun tropical prints. They add a beach resort feel while you're stuck in the midwest!


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