Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July Birchbox: Unboxed

Is it weird I felt like they knew it was my birthday this month because I got 6 samples instead of 5? I'm sure most people got 6, but it's nice to think of it as a special birthday gift!

1. Benefit They're Real! Lengthening Mascara ($24) // I've heard about this mascara from some of my favorite bloggers but I've never been willing to fork out $24 to try something I may not like. But y'all, this stuff is amazing. I totally understand why bloggers rave about this mascara! It's great at not only making your lashes super long, but also keeping them really separated so you don't have chunks of lashes. Seriously I'm buying a full size tube as soon as I can!

2. Balance Me Radiance Face Mask ($34) // I'm a sucker for a face mask. I only got to use this once, but as soon as I took it off my skin felt incredibly soft. I'm not sure if it's really makes your skin brighter over time, but if my skin can feel that soft after using it? I'm in.

3. DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight Weightless Waves Mild Lather Cleanser ($22) // I've always been curious about the whole no-poo/low-poo thing (where you either don't use shampoo or use special shampoo that doesn't foam as much) but I've never committed. So I was excited and skeptical of this stuff. I mean the whole point of shampoo is to foam up, right? This stuff hardly foams at all which is kinda weird because it made me feel like I didn't use enough, but I stuck to the suggested amount and my hair feels amazing! It's for wavy/curly hair and I definitely think it made a difference in how it dried - way wavier than I've ever seen it. I love this stuff!!

4. LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil ($12) // Now I know some of you may be thinking this is like a lip liner but it's not! It's just lip gloss in pencil form. I got the color Cupid's Bow and it was a beautiful watermelon color. It's not super pigmented so your lips are going to scream "HOT PINK LIPSTICK" or anything. But, I did notice that it wore off pretty easily. I talked to some other people about it and they said they used a lip liner with it and it helped boost its staying power. I'm not sure I would commit to using a liner just for this stuff, but the color is fantastic!

5. Shiseido ULTIMUNE EYE Power Infusing Eye Concentrate ($65) // This is a brand I've always heard about but have never tried (I mean look at the price tag) but I totally get why people love it! I'll probably still stick with my Mary Kay eye cream, but this stuff really held its own against my favorite eye product!

6. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate ($67) // Wow y'all. I love this stuff!! I put it on like a moisturizer and holy moly does it make your skin feel amazing! I noticed my skin didn't get quite as oily when I wore this which for me is a huge deal. It's really light but it seriously made my skin feel so well-moisturized all day. If this weren't so expensive, I would have bought a full size bottle already!

What a great birthday month Birchbox! Have y'all ever tried any of these samples before or did you get any of these in your Birchbox? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


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