Friday, September 2, 2016

Charming Charlie Shopping Trip

Hey y'all! Long time no blog! Between vacation and classes starting back up life has been just a liiiiitle bit crazy.

Any way I just had to share with you all the goodies I got last weekend at Charming Charlie. I wasn't actually intending on buying anything except maybe one or two pairs of earrings. But then I walk in and all of their jewelry was 40% off!! So I may have gotten a little carried away. I figured I would let y'all know what I got because I found some good pieces that will go with a lot of outfits! Unfortunately I got some of these pieces on clearance so they aren't online, but I linked similar items when I could!

Spike Necklace (similar) | Pendant Necklace | Choker (similar) 

Also I totally forgot to include this pair of earrings in my pictures. And since I'm not trying to pull everything back out just to add one pair to the pictures, I'll just include the link from the website and link it here:

I highly suggest checking them out! Especially because you never know what kind of sale you're going to stumble upon. Also, check out Retail Me Not before you go because they almost always have some great coupons ($10 off $25, $25 off $80, etc). Let me know if you end up picking any jewelry up!


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