Friday, September 23, 2016

Life Is An Adventure

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Top: Cents of Style | Kimono: Charming Charlie | Jeans: American Eagle | Booties: Just Fab
(Shoutout to the student whose bike I used as a prop while they were in class!)

This year has been crazy good. I've gotten to travel to new places, and I'm not even done with my trips yet this year! I've been to Michigan, New Jersey (twice), California, Pennsylvania, soon I'll go to New York, and I'm actually going to Kentucky this weekend. Four of those places I'll have gone this year are new to me! These have all been some of the best adventures I've ever taken. But it's not just traveling to California or New Jersey that make life adventurous. It's exploring the next small town over. Or exploring new places in your own city! It's the adventure of getting a McDonald's ice cream cone at midnight with your best friend. 

Adventures don't have to be this grand trip. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some cost money, some are free. I saw a picture on Pinterest that said "say yes to every adventure" and that's exactly what I've done this year. Any time something came up that took me out of Oxford, I tried my hardest to say yes to it. While there were always logistics to work out, I don't regret any trip I've taken. Another Pinterest quote (#pinterestforthewin) said "Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show." And y'all how great is that! Stories and memories are so fun because you get to replay that adventure over and over in your head. You get to relive it any time you want!

My entire life has been spent in a small town. From growing up to grad school. But life is an adventure. And there's so much to see outside of your own little bubble. So pick a new place you've never been to and go. You don't have to go far. Start with the next town over, then the next city, state, country. Get out of your bubble. Go find an adventure because that's what life is!

Check out these Life is... shirts from Cents of Style. Life is so many things! It's beautiful, grand, sweet, tough (but so are you!), and an adventure. I encourage you to get the one that speaks to you. Then wear the heck out of it! Wear it as a reminder of what life is. If it's beautiful, pursue beautiful things. If it's tough, remember you are just as tough! And from today until Sunday, these shirts are only $15.95 and have free shipping using the code LIFEIS1 so jump on the shirt that speaks to you!

I would love to know what shirt you pick! If you get one of these shirts, post it on social media and tag me (@ashleyerichardson on Insta and @ashleyerich09 on Twitter) so I can see it and repost/retweet it. Celebrate what life is to you! I think it makes it more exciting that way.

Also just a fun little bonus: If you follow me on Snapchat (@aerichardson) or Instagram, you probably saw my story of how one of the chemistry professors walked out as I was taking these pictures with my friend Taf. This particular professor is very intimidating, but she was actually really cool with what we were doing. That is, until she realized I said I take pictures of clothes, not that I take pictures with no clothes! I'm sure my face was bright red. But Dr. Hagerman, you can clearly see I take pictures of clothes and they are on my person! Here's a couple pictures Taf snapped of our interaction. I show every emotion on my face!


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