Monday, September 19, 2016

September Birchbox: Unboxed

It's that time of month again! No not that time of month. Birchbox time!! Before I start making too many bad jokes, let's get right into the samples.

1. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle ($20) // I've tried Klorane dry shampoo before and I wasn't a big fan. Unfortunately nothing has really changed. While it definitely gave my hair texture, I didn't feel like it did anything to make it look less greasy. Also it doesn't have a smell so for some people that would be a major plus but I like my dry shampoo to smell like something. Definitely not a fan of this stuff.

2. Bioderma Sebium H2O ($16.90) // I LOVE micellar water!! It's all I use to wash my face. (It's just slightly soapy water but you don't have to rinse - just swipe a soaked cotton pad over your face and it's clean.) This product smells so good - very fresh and clean. I'm hesitant to pay that much for face wash, but it's pretty great stuff. I'm trying different brands of micellar water and this one is definitely my top three though! I'd probably buy this with some Birchbox points.

3. LOC Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil - Birthday Suit ($12) // I have a LOC lip pencil in watermelon or something and I love it! But I hated this color. It looks so bad on me. It's a nude but it's lighter than my skin so it makes me look like an ice queen. Other than the color though, I love this stuff. It goes on so well and is really moisturizing! I want a full size in the pink color I have, but definitely not this color!

4. Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse ($10) // This stuff definitely smells like lemon but when you use it, it doesn't make your hair smell like lemons. This rinse is supposed to get rid of built up product on your scalp without drying it out all while making your hair shiny. Two comments on it: First, I felt like I used almost my entire sample just to feel like I had fully saturated my hair. Granted I have a ton of hair, but still. Second, I can't actually attest to the shine because I had a shine treatment put on my hair a week ago when I got it colored. But it did make my scalp feel cleaner. I use a ton of dry shampoo so I felt like it was really clean after using it. Since it's only $10, I would actually buy this but only use it maybe once a week.

5. Milk Makeup Highlighter ($24) // I've been getting into highlighter lately. This stuff is a creamy stick highlighter. It's not as in your face as some of my other highlighters which was nice. It gave a dewy shine to my cheeks without looking overdone. It also goes on so smooth which is nice. It looks even better after I've dusted translucent powder over my face - it kind of helps to tone it down a smidge more.

This Birchbox was all over the place. But I don't mind. Sometimes getting a product a second time is cool because maybe my taste has changed!

On a different note, y'all. The exposure my last post got was incredible. I've never worried about pageviews, but that post alone had more views than my last 11 posts!! How crazy is that??? I was floored when I saw that yesterday. Maybe I should share posts on my personal Facebook page more often (or y'all could go and like Life & Reactions on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or follow on Instagram). So thank you thank you thank you for all the love! It seriously is why I keep trying to come up with good content and keep posting.


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