Friday, October 21, 2016

Long Sleeve Swing Dress

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Here are a few pictures of the dress without a scarf to give you an idea of the high neckline:

If you haven't noticed I'm a huge fan of Cents of Style. They're so on trend but also so affordable! I had shared this dress with a few friends a while ago when it was on sale but it's on sale again plus I got to partner with Cents of Style to let you know about it! 

Okay so why is this dress great? A few reasons:
1. As a gal with a larger chest, things that aren't supposed to be low-cut end up showing wayyyy more cleavage than I'm comfortable with. But this dress comes all the way up (okay maybe a little Amish-like) so there's zero fear of accidentally giving anyone a free show! While I wouldn't wear a neckline this high in the warmer months, it's perfect for fall and winter when you want to be covered up.
2. Speaking of covered up, it has long sleeves! I hate when I have a cute dress that I want to wear in the fall or winter but it's short sleeves so I always have to have something over it. But then it takes away from the dress and I don't even end up wearing it. Ugh such a tragedy. But this dress can really stand on its own even when it gets chilly.
3. Keeping with the larger gal theme, I have thick thighs that I tend to be pretty self-conscious about. I can't tell you how many times I've found a dress that looks so adorable on the hanger but go to put it on and I'm like "uhh yeah you can see all my cellulite and oh my gosh is that my underwear when I bend over??" I tend to order tall sizes in dresses just to give them some extra length. But this dress hits just below your knee so there's no fear of flashing anyone when you're bending over (shoutout to my mom friends who are always bending down to help their kiddos!)!
4. The options are many! This dress comes in so many colors (17 to be exact), including jewel tones which are perfect for cold months and totally on trend this season! But more than the colors, it comes in a size small all the way up to a size 3XL. It fits TTS (true to size) though since it's a swing dress it's meant to have a little more room in it.
5. You could dress this dress up so easily by throwing on a pair of heels and a good statement necklace or dress it down with converse and a fun hat. I chose to use a blanket scarf (that's currently on sale!) since southeast Ohio is finally starting to see cooler weather. But really this dress is so versatile - the ways to wear it are endless!

So now that I've told you why you need this dress, here are the details on it:
From today (Friday 10/21) until Sunday (10/23) you can get this dress for $21.95 + free shipping with the code DRESS2016. Y'all this dress is 100% worth it. Even though I get the privilege to work with Cents of Style, everything I've said has been my own opinion. I don't get an extra commission to be nice about their products - I'm being totally honest with you when I say I love this dress. 

With that being said, I'll stop rambling about a dress. This weekend is the first weekend in a month that I'll get to spend in Oxford. And I. Can't. Wait. I've missed the farmer's market and the quiet that's Oxford on a Saturday. I think I'm going to paint my bedroom furniture and that may become a blog post one day. We'll see! But mostly I'll be enjoying the fall weather!!!!

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?


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