Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Athleisure Outfit

Hey y'all! Did you hit up any awesome sales Monday? My favorite was Old Navy and Gap. I just love their clothes so when they're 50% off I stock up on my favorites! 

Today I want to talk about a trend that's been around just this year: Athleisure. What is athleisure? It's a style that brings workout clothes into every day life. Meeting your best friend up for brunch? Throw on a pair of leggings, tank top, and a duster cardigan. Running errands and want to be cute but comfy? Leggings, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. If you're still unsure, check out this article. It explains it so well! You'll likely find me in some variation of this outfit on the weekends. I've also been known to wear this into work on occasion or when I go shopping. 

My rules for sporting the athleisure look? Rule #1: Wear something structured. I tend to wear my workout tops with a little more room - meaning they can end up looking baggy. But by throwing on a vest or a structured jacket (leather, denim, utility), it brings it all together. Rule #2: Stick to neutrals. I know vibrant colors have started taking over workout clothes, but I love my neutrals. It keeps everything simple and understated - the exact reason we all love athleisure!

How do you feel about this trend? Are you glad it's here or are you ready to see it phase out?


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