Monday, November 21, 2016

How To Tie A Blanket Scarf

Ohio has had the craziest weather! Friday it was 72 degrees but Saturday it barely got up into the 40s. I'm a cold weather gal so Saturday was my favorite! When it gets cold, it's also way easier to keep a blanket scarf on all day. And since Thanksgiving is this Thursday (how crazy?!), I thought I would show you how I tie my blanket scarf, especially since I wear it the same every. single. time.

Quick note: I'm using a square blanket scarf in this tutorial. You can absolutely wear rectangular blanket scarves, but the steps won't make as much sense since rectangles don't fold like squares.

First, I start by unfolding the whole blanket scarf so it's in a big ol' square.

Next, I fold in in half like a triangle. From here, depending on the look I want I'll do one of two things. If I want my scarf to look less bulky, I'll roll the longest edge to make the triangle shorter (the length doesn't change, just the distance from the bottom point to the long edge). If I want a bulkier look, I won't roll the edge.

Holding onto the corners, bring the scarf under your chin and cross the pieces behind your head.

Bring the corners down and tuck them under the scarf in the front. Helpful tip: If you find your scarf is shifting a lot during the day, tie the corner pieces loosely and tuck them under the bulk of the scarf. I do this basically every single time I wear a blanket scarf!

Alternatively, you can also shift the scarf to one shoulder for a chic look that gives me a major Parisian vibe. Or if it's a little too warm to wrap the scarf around your neck, you can follow the first two steps but just drape it around your neck with the corners hanging down in front.


Below I linked some cute but totally affordable (aka under $50!) blanket scarves. These would make great gifts for a girlfriend! But I want to know: what's your favorite way to wear a blanket scarf?


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