Monday, December 5, 2016

Gift Guide: The Momma Bear

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Mommas are the best. But if I'm being honest, sometimes it's hard to shop for her. I know what she likes, but I like to get her something she may not think to get for herself. Whether you're shopping for your momma, step-momma, momma-in-law, or a woman who has been like a momma to you, these pieces are sure to make her feel special.

1. Measuring cups: These measuring cups from Anthropologie are so adorable! I think my mom had the same yellow measuring cups until we got her a set to match her kitchen years ago at Christmas. If these are little too pricey for measuring cups, check out the Pioneer Woman line (at Wal-Mart!) for a more affordable option.

2. Bracelet: Kendra Scott makes the most gorgeous jewelry! And what momma doesn't love a little bling. But if you have a momma in your life that's like mine, she's not as willing to spend the money on a gorgeous piece of jewelry for herself. So why not spoil her with this beautiful cuff?

3. Classic tote: Mommas are known for always having everything anyone could ever need in their purse. It's like they all own a Mary Poppins bag! This tote is actually from Kohl's and it's under $50! It's structured and a medium size so she can fit everything she needs in there. For a splurge-worthy tote, Michael Kors has a purse that's similar in size and style (it's currently on sale!).

4. Candles: My momma has candles in every room in the house! These diptyque candles smell like heaven and come in lots of fresh scents. I like them because they're not overpowering - they're light but still manage to make a room smell like heaven.

5. Artwork: Truth time - I wish I had gotten this for my momma! She's decorated the house with rustic, primitive pieces so this longhorn picture would have gone perfectly in one of the rooms. Artwork is something that people don't purchase all the time so it's a sweet gift for your momma.

6. Travel tote: Has anyone else's parents started taking more trips now that they're empty-nesters? I don't ever remember my parents taking as many trips as they have since I moved to Ohio. If your momma is jetting off on lots of trips, make sure she has a cute travel bag. This one from Vera Bradley fits everything she'll need for a weekend away!

7. Cozy robe: I think a great go-to gift is something cozy for your momma to wrap herself up in at the end of the day. And what's cozier than a great robe? I've heard so many great things about the Barefoot Dreams line. I think I touched everything by them in Nordstrom one time. Sorry I'm not sorry!

8. Personalized stationary: I feel like mommas always have someone they need to write a note to. Whether it's a thank you, hello, sympathies, whatever. Give her stationary a personal note with a set from May Designs. They have so many designs available. You can add her name, monogram, or her favorite quote. Plus, you can get coordinating envelopes!

9. Hand cream: My momma always has hand cream on her. Always. L'Occitane hand cream is a dream for your hands! This French brand has so many great products, but I love their hand cream most. 

The best part about buying gifts for your momma, is that no matter what it is, they always love it because it came from you. I think my momma cries more when I hand-make her card as opposed to when I just buy her any old thing from the store. Mommas love their babies so don't stress out about what to get for her - she'll just be thankful to have you around for the holidays!


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