Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Guide: Your Man

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Today's gift guide is all about the man in your life. Whether it's your boyfriend, husband, brother, dad, these gifts are practical items that they can use often. The guys in my life tend to be very no-fuss when it comes to what they want (unless it's guns or tools then it's a "must buy everything" kind of situation!). These items are things they can get a lot of use out of - not something they'll use once then it'll collect dust for the rest of its life!

1. This cocktail shaker is perfect for the guy that has his own mini-bar. But it's not just any cocktail shaker. It has recipes already on it! Sometimes I feel like if it isn't written out right in front of them, guys won't think to look up a recipe. So give him a shaker that has recipes already on it!

2. This leather case is so manly to me! Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he can't have a cool phone case. Get him this one that's protective but still stylish enough that it can be a talking point for him and his friends.

3. If your guys is really no-fuss, he likely gets annoyed with wires. Wrap up these wireless headphones for him. He can still answer calls with them but they connect using Bluetooth so he doesn't have to worry about wires getting in the way. Plus, they come with a wire in the case where he can't use Bluetooth!

4. I know I know. Guys might roll their eyes if they get socks for Christmas. But if you get him a good pair like these from J.Crew, they'll last him so much longer than a cheap pair from the drugstore. Plus, they have lots of fun prints so he can bring a little spice into his everyday work attire.

5. If your man is active, he needs a Fitbit. Or some similar fitness tracker. This one is sleek enough to still look like a watch while giving him all the fitness perks

6. If the men in my family are anything like the men in your life, they can be very particular about their shaving products. This Jack Black kit is incredibly well recommended! It comes with facial cleanser, moisturizing oil, conditioner for shaving, and razor bump/ingrown hair solution. It's everything he needs (minus a razor!).

7. Guys usually don't need a huge selection of clothes to choose through. I know guys that wear the same 5 shirts unless it's a special occasion. So if he's pretty selective in what he wears, choose shirts in staple colors. Old Navy has some great shirts that don't come in crazy colors. They also hold up really well so he'll be able to wear them for a long time! 

8. It's winter and guys need gloves. This pair from The North Face are super warm but still have the tech fingers so he wont' need to take his gloves off to use his phone.

9. Going along with it being cold, grab him a fleece pullover. This one from L.L.Bean is casual enough to throw on over a t-shirt but he could make it a little dressier by wearing it over a button-up shirt (like the one you'll get him from Old Navy!).

10. If your guy likes to give back, these boots from TOMS are perfect. For every pair bought, they give a pair to someone in need. These boots have a warm lining so they're perfect for winter while still looking stylish enough to not be clunky winter boots!

Third gift guide is complete! I'll probably do one more next week, I just haven't quite figured out what on. So if there's a gift guide you'd like to see, let me know! I'm all ears.

The semester is over today and finals week is next week. Praise. The. Lord. Life has been so crazy lately I feel like I'm never going to feel caught up. Hence why I've been quiet on the blog and social media. Here's hoping once the students leave campus I can catch up!


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