Friday, January 20, 2017

Choose Joy

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Let me be very honest with you: grad school will suck the life right out of you. You'll feel guilty every time you spend a weekend not in the lab. You'll second guess your choice to continue in school. You'll start to doubt your ability to finish. You'll find yourself thinking you're not smart/good/creative enough. It's rough. And it can very easily destroy your joy. 

Each year gets harder and harder. I mean I know they don't just hand out PhDs but still! I wasn't prepared. Going into my fourth and Lord willing final year, I knew I needed to make a change. Even though I won't always be happy, I can choose to pursue a joyful attitude every day. 

Now this shift in attitude hasn't been easy. I struggle with anxiety so it's very easy to me to slip into the familiar state of thinking I'm not good enough to be getting a PhD. But by consciously and actively choosing joy each day, it's definitely made a difference! Don't get me wrong - I still have meltdowns when an experiment doesn't work. I nearly cry thinking that one experiment that isn't working could keep me from graduating when I planned. But, joy doesn't let me stay in that space. It points me back to the One I find my identity and true joy and happiness in. 

When I saw this shirt from Cents of Style, I knew I needed to have it! They have lots of options, but this one I knew would remind that even on the crappy days, I can choose joy. I can choose to remember that God has a plan for my life and that he loves me more than I could ever comprehend. That right there is enough to snap me out of a place of doubt and fear about my ability as a chemist. 

Cents of Style has amazing tees that will inspire you. Pick a shirt that when you see it hanging in your closet or when you put it on will inspire you. Whether you need a reminder to just be still or the encouragement that you can do hard things, pick one that speaks to you. Bonus: this weekend only they're taking 50% off! Plus you always get free shipping. Just use code INSPIRE17 at checkout. And don't forget this is only good through Sunday! Check out some of the other options below:


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