Monday, January 2, 2017

Goals for 2017

How has your 2017 been? Hopefully since we're only on day 2 it's been going well! But if not, each day is a new day to start fresh so don't be discouraged! I thought I would share my goals for 2017 with y'all. It's partially a way for me to remember what I want to accomplish and partially a way for y'all to keep me accountable. Let's jump right in!

1. Graduate. I've been waiting for 2017 for a long time. This is finally the year that I get my PhD (Lord willing!). The goal is that by August I will be Dr. Ashley. How crazy?! It feels like just yesterday I was moving to Ohio and meeting people who would grow to be some of my best friends. To finally be in a place where I see the light at the end of the tunnel feels amazing!!

2. Take control of my weight. I've always struggled with my weight. I have PCOS (read a little more about it here) so it's hard for me to lose weight. In fact, last summer all of my blood work came back saying I'm incredibly healthy - imagine the frustration when I train for and run a half-marathon but I still fit my same clothes *eye roll*. But I'm starting this year nice and fresh by participating in Fit Girl's 28 Day Jumpstart. I love this program because it lays out exactly what you eat for every single meal. And every recipe is made for one person (#singlelife) so it's super easy to follow. Plus, I get pizza three times a week so I think it's a win! I also decided to try a 30 day free trial of Daily Burn since 1. it's too cold for me to run (I'm a wimp I know!) and 2. I just don't have the energy to drive to the gym every day. So we'll see how it goes! I may go to the gym a couple days a week because I love free weights, but at least I have a program at home that I can easily switch up if I'm getting bored.

3. Grow my blog. I was so surprised when I looked back at the growth of my blog in 2016! I tripled my pageviews in just one year! I have a couple plans for the blog in 2017 that I'm excited to share with y'all! I've gotten to the point where I want to start investing in my blog more because I think it needs it. Slash I love the excuse to do something creative with my time. One of the first things I plan on doing is starting a newsletter! I haven't quite figured out how I want it to look (hence no sign up just yet!) but as soon as I do I'll be sure to let y'all know!

4. Growing with the Lord. There's a lot that goes into this goal. First, I want to be more intentional about my quiet time. I'm terrible at having regular quiet time so this year I would like to find a time during the day where I can stick to it. I also want to grow in living in faith this year. I'm coming up on the biggest change in my life and it's looking like I'm being pulled away from Indiana which is a little frightening. But I don't want to go through this change in fear - I want to be a woman of faith who trusts where the Lord is taking her. My church actually had an amazing sermon about this yesterday which just affirmed that this is meant to be a goal of mine and the Lord is already preparing me to live a life of faith and not a life of fear. Click here to listen to the sermon called Faith and Fear in the New Year. Pastor Garrett really brought it today!

Those are my goals for 2017! Obviously I have lots of tiny goals but those are the big four that act as umbrella goals for pretty much everything else. I'm excited for 2017 and to bring y'all along on what is already shaping up to be a crazy year! Do you have any big goals for the year? I'd love to hear about them!


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