Monday, January 30, 2017

New Blog Series: The Single Series

Since last fall I've had this nagging at my heart to be more open about being single. I've ignored the little voice because I kept making excuses like "I don't have all the answers", "who would even listen?", or my personal favorite, "what if this means I'm going to be single forever?" That last one can paralyze me if I give it too much thought. If I start talking about being single and sharing my story with other women, does that mean I'm accepting my fate as an eternally single girl?

But I finally decided that it doesn't matter. Whether I'm single for a few more months or a few more decades, if I can share my story and help one girl then it's worth it. I've done lots of praying about being single (haha I totally prayed about it this morning sooo more like I DO lots of praying), and God is so great at offering me peace about it.

Really quick I want to give you the spark notes version of my story: I'm 26, in grad school, and I'm single. I've always wanted to get married and have kids. Once I got to college being single became a big struggle for me. I had faced my issues with it my senior year and felt "cured." But of course that's not how struggles work. I've struggled with it even more in grad school because the last time I seriously dated a guy was in 2013 and many of my friends are married and having babies. While I know the Lord has always been trying to help me understand my singleness, it wasn't until fall 2016 that it all kind of "clicked." I had been meeting with a woman from my church and our conversation shifted from anxiety to men (because God knows what I need more than I do). Walking through that has been rough. Good but rough. Then I got asked to give a talk on single life at a Christian girl's retreat. After lots of prayer and going back and forth I accepted and that talk has been the basis for this blog series.

So I'm here to introduce to you my new blog series: The Single Series. This will be a place where I hope to encourage you if you're single or if you have friends that are single. I hope to provide answers to questions like "What do I do if I'm the only single girl in my friend group?" "Is there any encouragement for a single lady like me?" "Uhhh dating??" I've asked all of these questions and many more. But I've also spent lots of time in prayer and conversation with God and other people to seek answers. Now I will go ahead and tell you right now: I do not have all of the answers. But I promise to make sure my answers are always aligned with God and the Bible before I give them. I promise to not brush any question off because someone thinks it's silly to ask. There are no silly questions here y'all! And I will never treat a question as such. Singleness can be a very touchy subject for some women so I promise to keep my answers and thoughts drenched in grace while still speaking truth.

How are we feeling about this? I'm personally a mix of excited and nervous. Excited because sharing my story of being single and what God has done through that is something I'm passionate about. I'm an open book when it comes to this stuff! But I'm also nervous because I'm opening myself up and being vulnerable with strangers and that's kinda scary. 

I do know that I'm confident in this series because I truly believe God has been calling me to this for a while now. Throughout this whole series I want your input. If you ever have a question, ask me! I promise to answer whether it's directly replying to you or incorporating it into a blog post. But please reach out and let me know what you're thinking. And don't ever hesitate to share this with your girlfriends. 

This was just an introduction to the series, but I hope to have the first actual post up next week! I'm still ironing out the details and junk so I haven't quite decided what's going to come first. But feel free to start shooting me questions or comments! I'm always open to listen and I'm always flexible with my schedule!

in His hands,

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