Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Tunic

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I'm going to get super real right now: As a grad student I need to be comfy at work. But I also love looking cute! And honestly grad school hasn't been nice to my waistline because I don't deal with stress well. So when I find a top that is flowy enough to hide anything I'm self-conscious about without making me look super pregnant, I'm all for it! 

I dressed this top up with skinny jeans, a utility jacket, and peep-toe booties that would be perfect for a day date or hanging out with your girlfriends. You could easily throw on Converse for a day running around the lab. Then throw on a pair of heeled sandals for a night date! The solid colors mean you have endless possibilities for accessorizing: scarves, necklaces (long or short!), statement earrings, jackets, and so much more!

So when Cents of Style has this amazing tunic for sale (under $20!), trust and believe I want to snatch a few up! This babydoll tunic comes in so many great colors that are perfect for spring. And if this style isn't quite your pace, you have to check out the keyhole tunic. It's just as flowy and comes in the same pretty colors! Plus it fits sizes 0-18! For reference I'm wearing an XL but I could have easily gone with a L because it's just so roomy. Now the fun details: You can get these tunics for $19.95 this weekend using the code TOPSTORY.


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