Friday, April 14, 2017

On Trend: Spring Kimonos

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Hey y'all! Long time to blog! Quick life update: I'm currently interviewing with a couple companies so a lot of my time has been spent prepping for those interviews. Also since they're all talking about start dates in August/September I'm really pushing to graduate before them! So I've been writing a ton lately trying to finish up another chapter by the end of the semester, as well as making sure the last bits of research are getting done so I can write those chapters up. Other than that life has been good just lots of grad school-ing!

Okay so onto the point of today's post: spring kimonos. You may remember from the fall when I posted this outfit with the kimono from Charming Charlie. Well kimonos didn't stay in the fall! They're here in the spring and so on trend right now! I love how easy they are. Just pick a solid colored shirt (t-shirt, tank top, whatever!) and throw one on for instant style upgrade.

Of course buying trendy items is always a gamble. There's the chance that this trend will end up lasting forever and becoming a staple. Or it might literally only last one season. That makes it hard for me to spend a lot of money on any trendy piece. But this weekend Cents of Style is having a sale on all their kimonos! They're giving you 50% their kimonos (and ponchos!) + free shipping with code KIMONO17. This makes the most expensive kimono just $20!

There are couple fun ways to wear kimonos this spring:
1. Over jeans, wedges, and a tank top for date night
2. With frayed shorts and lace-up sandals for a festival/boo-hoo look
3. Over your swimsuit as a coverup when you head to the pool

No joke y'all I'll probably order a few! I have my eye on one of the white and blue ones (which just screams Greece/Mediterranean to me!) and one with fringe on the edges. But seriously at under $20 a piece, it's easy to spend the money on it even if it is a trendier piece.

Do you like the kimono trend? Let me know if you pick on up! But don't forget you only have until Sunday to take advantage of this sale!


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