Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Easy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

If there's one thing I love it's a good cookie. And y'all I am obsessed with Betty Crocker's cookie mixes. No, this isn't sponsored. Just a girl who loves to make cookies quickly! Below, I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to dress up the oatmeal cookie mix. This cookie is great as a mid-afternoon snack, but you could also have it for breakfast - and who doesn't love cookies for breakfast?

The ingredients for these cookies are super simple:
  • Oatmeal cookie mix
  • Stick of butter, room temperature
  • Egg
  • Water
  • Mix-in of your choice (I went with cranberries!)

If you've never used Betty Crocker's cookie mixes, let me tell you why I love them really quick. First, they don't break the bank. Kroger often has these on sale for $1 a mix - score! Second, there's nearly no measuring required. In a hurry? These are perfect because the only thing you have to measure is water. Third, they taste like homemade cookies. While the college kid in me will always love place-and-bake cookies, you can never beat a homemade cookie. But with these mixes, you get a homemade-tasting cookie without doing all the sugar, flour, baking powder measuring!

Of course they have a lot of different cookie flavors, but the oatmeal is probably my favorite. You can add chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, or any dried fruit. I love adding in various types of Craisins. For these cookies, I went with cranberries.

Seriously y'all. Making these is so easy! Just put the mix, room temp butter, egg, and water in a bowl and mix together. Then, fold in your mix-in!

If you really want to pack these full of stuff for a breakfast cookie, I suggest adding in some chia or flax seeds. Of course, when you add something dry, you'll want to add a little bit more water to even it out. I actually added a couple tablespoons of flax seed for some added nutrients. I compensated by adding another tablespoon of water to make sure everything got mixed in. Additionally, you could add some cinnamon or nutmeg when using cranberries or dried apples for a fall-ready cookie!

I don't have a cookie scoop so I just use a small spoon and shape them into balls with my hands. I flatten the balls just a little bit so the middle is sure to bake.

Here's my biggest tip: When baking these cookies, always leave them in for the minimum amount of time suggested. For these, it suggests 10-12 minutes. I always bake them for just 10 minutes. You're guaranteed to get a soft cookie with a lightly browned bottom.

I took these up to Lake Erie over Labor Day weekend to visit Jake's parents and they were very well received! His mom texted me that by the time they got home Labor Day evening, only three cookies were left.

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