Monday, September 25, 2017

Lancer Skincare Review

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Hello and happy Monday! I'm here to tell you about a skincare brand I only heard about recently but have fallen in love with: Lancer Skincare. It's a line that was developed by Dr. Lancer, an LA based dermatologist. His goal was to create a skincare line that would leave every consumer with a radiant glow that his patients always gush about having after visiting him. 

I will say that this brand is not a cheap brand. But I also wouldn't recommend something to you that I would use myself. I had the opportunity to test four products these last few weeks (thanks Influenster!) and I'm a changed woman! My skin has never been smoother and I didn't have a single blemish until I ran out of product and had to switch back to my old skincare! Take a look at my before and after photos to see for yourself!

Now for the good part: the products themselves! I tested a four step routine and I'll tell you about each part below.

Step 1: Polish. This is by far my favorite part! It's an exfoliator, but it's been perfected so it's not so rough that it'll tear your skin. At the same time, it isn't so fine and soft that you're left feeling like nothing happened. If you purchase anything from the Lancer line, THIS IS IT!!

Step 2: Cleanse. Here's where your typical face wash comes in. But because it's soothing and hydrating, it's perfect for following the polish. I was also surprised to see that this line really isn't targeted for oily skin, but I couldn't tell. While my face wasn't amazingly matte, it wasn't more oily than normal. This line does have multiple cleansers though - they include a cleanser for blemish-prone skin and sensitive skin (same with the Polish!).

Step 3: Nourish. After exfoliating and cleansing you'll definitely want a good moisturizer! Again you've got the normal moisturizer but also a moisturizer for blemish control or sensitive skin. My skin was left feeling super hydrated after this step and it felt that way all day!

Step 4: Eye Serum. My poor eyes have wrinkles and the darkest circles and usually few things help that. While this serum didn't solve my dark circles problem, I do believe that it minimized some of my wrinkles. I noticed that my concealer didn't settle into fine lines as much either!

Okay so now that you know what I tried, I'm sure you're thinking "That's great Ashley, but you said this was a pricey brand. So what's ACTUALLY worth it?" Great question! If you buy one product from this line, buy the Polish! Seriously that stuff is the best I've ever tried! The cleanser was good and if you're in the market for a new one, this one is pretty good! I will say that the moisturizer was probably my least favorite. I have other moisturizer that I like better and would work just as well with the other steps. This is my favorite eye serum I've ever tried, but it's expensive. I doubt I purchase it right now, but it might be something I pick up down the road after I try a few more brands.

So there ya go! Buy the Polish but skip the rest if you already have ones you love. Have you ever heard of/tried this brand? Better yet, what's your go-to skincare brand? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you Influenster and Lancer Skincare for the free samples for testing!


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